• Warlock solo Heroic Cho'gall 10

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    Heroic Cho'gall soloed by Ysen, in the Bastion of Twilight 10
    09.05.13, patch 5.2, EU - Conseil des Ombres

    My god this fight is awesome.
    Ok let's see.

    Every 30/45/I don't know exactly seconds, Cho'gall will try to cast Conversion and if he does, you get MCed and the fight resets. To avoid that, you need for the boss (or the Corrupting Adherents) to hit you. Summon your pet to reset his aggro, let the boss hit you and use the gateway to clear your aggro for 15s. That's someting you need to be careful the whole P1, if you forget to be hit and are a few seconds too late the fight's over.
    You can use Conversion to your advantage : pull the boss, build up your embers and let the fight reset to start again with full resources.

    The boss doesn't hit that hard, so you can, before getting the Corruption buff and with enough dps, keep a Soul Leech shield on your pet so that he keeps his Void Shield.

    My main strat was to get at 100% Corruption as soon as possible, meaning when he casts Fester Blood on the first Adherent. I just let myself hit by the bloods which quickly grants me 100% Corruption.
    When you are at 100% Corruption, you turn into a sexy faceless horror. You cannot be healed anymore... but you deal 100% more damage and all your spells are instant. Thanks to that you can do enough dps to keep yourself alive the whole fight with just a Soul Leech shield. But as the Destruction spec is all about mana management, all your casts being instant is kinda annoying, you still have to wait for your mana to regen between two spells.
    You want to remove Soul Link at that point to lower the dmg you take.

    At 25% starts last phase, which is a huge burst phase. I put the boss on the stairs, so that all the Darkened Creations spawn at the same spot. This way I can stun all of them with Shadowfury and kill them without getting a debuff (-75% dmg). After that, burst the boss before the huge aoe dmg kills you. It's intense. Boss dies at 2-3%, once again it was a really close ending.

    Killed him on my last Drums buff!
    (and of course, the 3 previous bosses are soloable - I did them all as destruction too - in normal mode at least)
    524 ilvl. Destruction spec, Talents are Soul Leech, Shadowfury, Soul Link, Grimoire of Supremacy, Kil'jaeden's Cunning. Glyphs are Demon Training, Siphon Life, Healthstone.

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    Gabriel Shadid - Time Will Remember Us Show less
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