• I remember,,, 6 years ago,,, when you did a search, on any browser,,, for the "Solartoolman"...

    you found educational videos that showed you how to harness God given energy... and how to use it to do amazing things,,, the cost of solar or wind products,,, was so great then,,, we had to be patient as it evolved...

  • Over 1,000 people or companies,,, embedded my videos,,, without contacting me first... and used me to market their interests...

  • I am trying to learn about social media and how to post my comments and blogs,,, in America on face book I am the "solartoolman",,, please check in there until I figure out how to post things here of my interest and I believe yours as well...

  • I have been on You tube long enough to know,, the longest view duration to keep interest is 5 minutes.. anything over that, is a waste of every ones time... and our time is the most precious gift one can give... or receive,,, as we all only have so much of it in our lives journey...

  • I am but 1 man,, the International Solartoolman... reaching 167 different countries, States and Providences around the world.. thank you for your interest and support...

  • In America,,, we have our rights as citizens,,, to vote for our politicians,,, who make the changes in our daily lives.. Energy, or "power" is a daily need we depend on... we have so many options to harness it to generate power needed to survive in a humane way..

  • Some of you spent over $30,000 to go solar and spin your meters back wards,,, it impacted the power company's cash flow so much,,, they paid for legislation to change it... Instead of them spending their profits for research and development like we were,,, they let us invest in it and further develop it,,, and then tool it away...

  • Now,, I am ready to come back... I launched this channel, showing how you could use a simple 45 watt panel and do amazing things... Since then the quality of that particular product has changed... I did not make the video to endorse it... I did it because it was an affordable product at the time, to show what the potential of harnessing solar could do.. That was 5 1/2 years ago... Technology has changed tremendously since then...

  • Thank you, to the over 100,000 of you around the world,, who have viewed my channel..With over 1,360 of you subscribing,,, that proves my mission is worthy of following up on... because of personal issues, I have not put up a video in over a year...

  • for 1 person now to jeopardize my existence on you tube when I am finally ready to launch, is disheartening...

  • I am, Larry Taylor,,, the "Solartoolman".. and years ago, I showed you how you could take a 45 watt panel,, and batteries, what types, and how to hook them up safely,,,,

    someone just sent me to make things happen... someone just sent me 5 dislilkes, because they got bad merchandise from harbor freight...

    is that my fault? i do not work for them and have not received a dime???

  • Thank you for your support, I am alive, from the over 1200 subscribers, who are from the 167 different countries, territories, states and Providences around the world,,, .. I am back...thank you so much, for your concerns..

  • ,,, learn what it takes to have immediate power available, at all times... no gas, no noise, only God given power with the combination of new technologies and how to redirect it for your needs... Please stay tuned,,, STM

  • It has been quite a while since I have uploaded new videos to the site,,, with over 1,000 subscribers now, it is time for me to come back and get busy :), I have struggled through a lot of personal issues, I thank all of you for your patience and support... Please help me to pay it forward now and help DIY's and under developed counties who lack power or have outages at the worst times,,,

  • Thank you all so much!! :) I have finally hit 1,000 subscribers!!! And my original videos have been seen in 167 different countries, territories, providence's and states.. with the United states my main following. To all of you I promise to start uploading videos that will help you change your world and show you choices for alternative energy. I will finally launch my website and to all the subscribers- again, thank you so much STM

  • I apologize for not answering all the comments I was receiving. I was working 2 jobs, studying to be certified as an Integrator (one who designs alternative energy),taking care of 20 feral cats, and designing my "Power To Go Box"! Now I am ready and excited to start my ongoing videos. Thanks for your patience! Hope you enjoy the shows to come STM

  • this was a test video I shot as it was getting dark,lol. wait till you see trhe ones to follow!

    test - Power To Go Box - Duration: 3 minutes, 25 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    Solartoolman - Power To Go Box! Have immediate power where ever You need it! Set it up for 120 or 220! More videos and projects coming! We are gonna have some fun! Thank you for your patience and s...
  • After 2 years of research, design and development, I have my first prototype of my "Power to go box". The second one is a "Nuts and bolts box" that will be shipped any where in the world and you put it together yourself. You can set it up to run 120 or 220. your call depending on your needs as to where you live or what you want to run. Stay tuned...STM

  • My Edited Video - Duration: 7 minutes, 38 seconds.

    • 2 years ago
    I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)
  • Finally! I'm up and running again. Thank you to the over 900 subscribers who have faith in me. It's been a tough year for me personally- however I stayed the course and now I am going to finish what I started... There has been over 210 countries , territories, or states that have shown an interest in what I put out there. That in itself is overwhelming...I wanted to get licensed as an integrator- "one who designs alternative energy"..

  • Today is august 3rd. have my first protoype but haven't got to web yet. makin sure everythings right when I launch it.

  • Happy New Year to all!!! I am editing videos to upload- can't wait to show you. Take care STM

  • By the end of the month- I plan to be uploading videos weekly. I thank you for your patience and appreciate your subscriptions. Wait till you see the product I designed and the many uses for it!!! Take care- STM

  • Solartoolman Workshop 3 Part 2 - Duration: 5 minutes, 46 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    Upload to 2012/01/13
  • Solartoolman Workshop 3 part 1 - Duration: 10 minutes.

    • 5 years ago
    Upload to 2012/01/13
  • Solartoolman Workshop 2 - Duration: 9 minutes, 6 seconds.

    • 5 years ago
    Upload to 2012/01/11
  • Solar Toolman Workshop - 1 - Duration: 13 minutes.

    • 6 years ago
    Learn the basics of Solar Power with Larry Taylor, the Solar Toolman. In this workshop you can learn about the equipment needed to go green, starting with the basic information and a demonstration ...
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