• The Thresh Prince of Bot Lane

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    Thresh'll tell you how he became the Prince of the Rift's of Bottom Lane.

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    League of Legends is owned by Riot http://leagueoflegends.com/
    Parody based on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air


    Written/Voiced by: Rev897
    Animated by: Zedrin
    Additional animation/artwork: AJ Gutierrez, Yunguy, Rawgreen, HC, and Jax

    LYRICS: (also in the captions!)

    Now this is the story all about how
    Your life got flipped, turned up-side down
    And I'd like to take a moment let me explain
    I'll tell you how I became the prince of the rift's bottom lane

    In west Shadow Islands died and raised
    In the graveyard is where I spent most of my days
    Chilling souls dementing, tormenting all good
    And all flayin' some sinners outside of the woods
    When a couple of warriors who wielded the light
    Started purifying creatures of the night
    I snared one little wife and Lucian got mad
    He said 'You took my better half, what you left is bad'

    I ran and retreated from him day after day
    But no matter where I turned he was always in my way
    I noticed my friends all in the League of Legends
    Picked my lantern up and said 'Time for some vengeance'

    Support? Don't cut me short
    Making hooks and flays for the marksman sort?
    Is this all that's left for my afterlife?
    Hmm, this might be alright

    I waited for some souls to grace my court
    I saw Lucian was the carry with Leona support
    If anything I can say the chance was insane
    Turned to Draven and said 'Homes, let's conquer this lane'

    I pulled them with my hooks, around 7 or 8
    Turned to Leona and said 'Nobody escapes'
    Put her in a box and took the game
    Now I sit on my throne as the Prince of Bot Lane Show less
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