• Sickle Sweep vs Stand-Up Attack - Sifu Louis Kali Combat System

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    In this video Sifu Louis demonstrates and guides his students on how to implement a sickle sweep from the ground vs a stand-up opponent that is in an aggressive close range attack posture. This is a very useful defense technique for the street if you find yourself on the ground in such a bad position. This technique will allow you to reverse a bad situation and will put you in a dominant position were you can effectively deliver your finishing blows or submissions.

    ~ Sifu Louis Kali Combat System ~
    Sifu Louis teaches a powerful Kali Combat System utilizing the Filipino Warrior Art of Kali as a base, enhanced with the fighting concepts and methods of Bruce Lee’s Jeet Kune Do, Ip Man’s Wing Chun, Chinese San Shou Gung Fu, South East Asian Kuntao Silat, the Grappling Art of Jiu Jitsu, as well as the Internal Art of Tai Chi.

    ~ About Sifu Louis ~
    Sifu Kamille Louis is the owner and head instructor of Combat CFMA, Center of Functional Martial Arts. He is a master instructor with over 35 years of martial arts teaching experience and is certified in 10 different arts. His expertise includes combative arts such as Filipino Kali, Kuntao Silat, JKD, and Jiu Jitsu, as well as the internal health arts of Tai Chi and Qi Gong.

    Sifu Louis’ passion for martial arts is evident in the personalized way that he teaches and in the time, and energy he gives to his students. Sifu teaches a wide range of people from all walks of life, children to adults. Classes are for anyone interested in learning true self-defense, combative skills, and/or improving his/her overall fitness and health. In addition to regular classes, Sifu Louis continues to provide self-defense training for women in seminars and small groups sessions as well as specialized training for law enforcement in private small groups sessions in the areas of defensive tactics, subject control and hand-to-hand combat.

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