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    Welcome to PATENAUDE's School of Martial Arts, Fitness and Self Development

    Whether you're looking for Self-Defense, Kung-Fu, Mixed Martial Arts MMA, Sanshou, Kickboxing, Self-Defense, Weapons, Eskrima, Wing Chun, Jeet Kune Do, Jiu-Jitsu, Sambo, Judo, Catch Wrestling Training or effective Fitness Programs, we've got you covered. Visit our website for a free 7 day pass.

    The Patenaude family understands how challenging it might be to choose the right school to train in. Especially if you have no experience whatsoever.

    Our Martial Art School - Fang Shen Do (Way of Survival), is not like a typical GYM environment. Instead you'll join a team of professional instructors for whom Martial Arts training is their passion. You'll never feel like you're on your own. Teaching, helping and guiding you along, every step of the way, to achieve your fitness training goals is our personal mission.

    You won't be subjected to the outdated method of learning countless forms and katas. With over 35 years of experience in Mixed Martial Arts we'll teach you unique ways to master the techniques and cut your learning time in half.

    Also, when you start your martial arts training with us you'll never feel like you've just joined the Army. Discipline is not a power trip. It's based on mutual respect. Rest assured, you'll feel right at home when you train in one of our facilities. You'll meet great people. You'll have fun. You'll release stress and you'll feel better in your body.

    Another point to consider before choosing a Martial Art school is the quality of the instructors. Our Instructors won't make you feel dumb, or "below them", just because they have a black belt and you don't. Surprisingly, some Martial Art School instructors have this "superiority complex". Not ours! Each one of our instructors is trained to bring out the best in you and we understand that every student progresses at their own pace.
    Here's something else to point out...

    You won't hear bogus, "miraculous" claims of weight loss in 24 hours! (Funny, yes, but we've seen it advertised). The reality is, Fitness Training routines are not easy and fat doesn't just disappear without any effort. One thing we can promise though is this: "We'll never let you down!". Whether you're training in our Kick boxing classes, Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), or Kung-Fu Self-Defense classes, we guarantee you'll get a high energy, dynamic, fat burning, muscle toning workout each and every class to help you reach your fitness training goals.

    If personal protection and learning to defend yourself and your family is a priority please know that: "We'll never teach you "fancy pants" techniques that will never work in a real situation!". At Fang Shen Do, we only teach time tested principles and techniques to help you avoid a potentially dangerous situation or to survive and react to an attack directly against you or someone you love.

    Kids Martial Arts Activities: If you're a parent, you want the very best for your kids...
    There's no shortage of Kids activities but how many of them help shape your child's character and self-esteem? What about Confidence and leadership skills? Respect and Manners? Confronting Bullying and Intimidation? Listening and Focus Skills? Dealing with ADD-ADHD without prescription drugs?

    This is but a short list of what Kids Martial Arts can do for your child. In all kids activities, Martial Arts training it is the one that will yield the highest return on your investment.

    Who else wants happy, cheerful, disciplined kids with high self-esteem? This is our number one priority when working with kids in our Martial Art school. Get your kids involved in Martial Arts training today and see the difference it will make in your child's development. Show less
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    Practice Kung-Fu for greater health, strength, speed, balance, flexibility, self-discipline, personal protection, confidence, stress relief, energy, concentration, weight loss... the list goes on and on. Take advantage of our Free 7 Day Pass at
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  • Kids Martial Arts

    Martial Arts is the best way for your kids to learn about confidence, discipline, motor skills, balance, flexibility, personal protection, anti-bullying tactics, determination, respect, fitness, nutrition, you get the point? No other sport or activity goes into the depth that martial arts does. Get your kids started today.
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  • Internal Energy

    Neigong: Learn the ancient chinese method for energy and vitality. Strengthen your organs, ligaments, tendons, muscles, chi energy flow, unblock meridians and discover the hidden power that resides in you.
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