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    Miracle is rather a different little kitty. I believe he thinks he is a person. He is a Seal Point Himalayan and was born on August 4th, 2008. He is a tiny boy... just a tad over five pounds. He was hand fed from the time he was a little one. His mom Fawna didn't have the milk she should so every two hours I supplemented Miracle. Despite Fawna not having milk she was a good mom, always by his side. He was carried around so much by her. She would bring him into whatever room I was in. We had some fights over that☺ but she won. We almost lost Miracle a few times due to bad cat food. One of the foods was eventually recalled. Another was recommended by our vet and while perhaps it was or is a good food it certainly was not for Miracle. I never much trusted what went into pet food and because of Miracle's situation and his Grandpa's it has caused me to be even more leery of the industry. Since then Miracle eats only organic chicken I roast in stewed tomatoes we canned from our garden. I make gravy out of the broth, cut the chicken into bite size pieces and add it along with vitamins to the gravy. He still is hand fed - he never did learn to eat on his own. I thought perhaps Miracle was a little depressed at one time and that is we started going for our little walks. He loves to follow me around the yard and in the house. What else can I share about Miracle - he didn't know how to use the stairs for the longest time. He still cannot go downstairs but loves to go up the stairs. He learned to do that just before Christmas 2011. It is a game for him. Every two or three steps he stops to get his back scratched. He has me well trained. He still can be a little talker. He will let me know when he is hungry or even when he has to go to the "potty" box. He for sure is a character☺ I hope Miracle makes you smile.
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  • Bullies and hate

    I don't quite understand why some people bully others and hate on others. Is it because they are unhappy in there own lives? Do they feel so bad that it makes them somehow feel better to put others down? I don't know...

    The saying "sticks and stones may hurt my bones but words will never hurt me" is not true. Words do hurt and they can impact us in ways that do damage to our confidence and self esteem.

    Is it a power thing... wanting to control others? Are they jealous... do they want all the attention on themselves? Are they, the bullies - the haters, sad with themselves, hurting on the inside?

    Is it the cycle of violence - the cycle of abuse perhaps that makes some of these folks need to bully, hate and hurt others? I don't know...

    I would like to believe in general people are good and if circumstances were different perhaps they would not feel the need to be hateful and hurtful or even worst to others. It is so sad. I was taught to respect one another and if you don't have something nice to say then don't say it.

    In my opinion it has all gone too far with the bullying, hate and judging others. I wish there was no hate, no violence, no wars... no person hurting. Our time here is short. We need to make the best of it - love not hate... have compassion; have empathy.
    • Side by Side by Marina Florance and Mick Kennedy - Duration: 3 minutes, 58 seconds.

      • 8 years ago
      When I asked Mick for permission to use "Side by Side" this is what he wrote:
      "I wrote Side by Side as a peace song and Marina recorded it at High Barn in Essex, a while after her album was releas...
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