• Sanctum of Shadows Volume III: Spiritus Occultus by Aleister Nacht

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    Many arguments have been presented as undeniable truth by established religions. These assertions begin as deductive or inductive, attempting to justify the position based upon a premise and objective evidence.

    Lacking true and valid conclusions, these assertions quickly become logically fallacious with conclusions devolving into mere assumption supported by dubious authority, distraction, or ad hominem arguments.

    Sanctum of Shadows Volume III Spiritus Occultus explores these arguments and provides insight for the Satanist.

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    In the vast darkness of ignorance, very few embrace the laboriously onerous path of the True Sorcerer of the Dark Arts. In this “path of least resistance” age, the truth is purged from the would-be diabolist, to be replaced by illusions.

    One basic tenet of Satanic Magic has remained true through the ages, allowing the separation of wheat and chaff; the cycle of magic always comes full circle! For those who raise her/his eyes from the work, a glimpse of the familiar is likely while others can not recognize what they have never seen. It is simply foreign and confusing concepts, better explained by attacking and attempting to discredit the truthful work of the magical practitioner. Is it their pathology to ignore the obvious.....moving our beloved Satanic Magic so far back into the dark ages?

    It would surely be easier for a monkey to explain algebra!
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    My Satanic thoughts and points are not ad hominem (or ad feminam). I sincerely wish the subject matter to be considered and vetted with logic. The application of wisdom and personal experience may overcome a fallacious paradox, allowing Achilles to win a marathon.

    The power of the mind is at the core of magic and the practice of rituals. Even the rituals performed as in a group setting is at its essence – cognitive. The thoughts of the practitioner actually drive the ritual and even the “sacrifice ritual” must use the imagination to be fully realized. Thoughts and ideas are what stimulate the Magus to open a ceremony and expect a result from a casting of a spell or hex. Without the powerful mind, we as followers of the LHP are rendered impotent.
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