• Understanding Regional Perceptions of Security in the Sahel Play all

    Despite the deployment of international and regional troops to support national armed and security forces in Mali, instability has escalated and spread throughout the Sahel region. The Sahel countries—Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, Mauritania and Niger—share not only historical trajectories, trade routes and communities, but now also a social, economic, political and human crisis. To confront these common challenges, Sahel countries are seeking ways to combat new threats, which include violent extremism and increasing intercommunal tensions. Efforts to stabilize the region, however, are often faced by challenges stemming from weak, corrupt or absent state institutions.

    This SIPRI series highlights recent research that has been conducted with partners in the region. This qualitative study draws on insights from citizens, national actors and practitioners. Based on these perceptions, the research examines how the Malian crisis has affected other countries in the Sahel region.
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  • Conflict and technology: Now and in the future Play all

    Based on expert interviews at the 2019 Stockholm Security Conference, SIPRI has produced a new film series, ‘Conflict and Technology: Now and in the Future’.

    The series addresses wide-ranging security concerns: how can technological developments be used to address conflict and promote stability in a world of change? Where can new conflicts be expected and how will new technologies impact these conflict arenas? What are the implications for the protection of civilians in conflict?

    The interviews feature experts representing a variety of fields—including academia, civil society, policymakers, intergovernmental organizations and the private sector—and present diverse perspectives on conflict and technology.

    About the 2019 Stockholm Security Conference:

    The Stockholm Security Conference is an annual event that brings together key stakeholders to discuss global security challenges and how to respond to them. The theme of the 2019 Stockholm Security Conference (SSC 19) was ‘Conflict and Technology: Now and in the Future’. It was organized in partnership with Crisis Management Initiative, Mercy Corps, MSB – Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency and the Munich Security Conference.

    About SIPRI’s films:

    SIPRI produces a variety of videos that cater to different audiences and serve as an alternative platform for providing insights on peace and security. Events are a core component of SIPRI’s outreach, and live streams and recordings of SIPRI’s conferences and seminars are produced on a regular basis. Watch more films over at SIPRI's YouTube channel.

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  • Central Mali: Challenges, actors and responses Play all

    This playlist provides an overview of the complexity of conflict and peacebuilding in central Mali. The series is introduced by a SIPRI Reflection film, followed by a collection of SIPRI Spotlight interviews presenting the views of several key actors in the region.
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  • Exploring the security risks posed by newly emerged technologies Play all

    Based on expert interviews at the 2018 Stockholm Security Conference, SIPRI has produced a new film series—‘Exploring security risks posed by newly emerged technologies’—that is out today.

    The series addresses wide-ranging security concerns: what do the technologies mean for armed conflict? For arms control? For society as a whole? The series highlights the most pressing dangers, explores who needs to act and what needs to happen to address the risks ahead.
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  • Towards peace in the Sahel: Understanding local perceptions of security Play all

    SIPRI has produced a series of interview films spotlighting people’s perceptions of security in Mali. A range of voices from the country’s different regions are represented—all of which belong to members of the Monitoring Groups for Peace and Security (MGPS) within the SIPRI–CONASCIPAL peacebuilding and civil-society strengthening programme in Mali.
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  • Peace Points Play all

    The Peace Points short-film series seeks to deliver key starting points and analysis from SIPRI’s Director, Dan Smith, in the field of peace and security. The episodes are timely and based on recent events in the world.
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  • Spotlight Play all

    The Spotlight series is a collection of short, on the spot interviews, captured on occasions where individuals have visited SIPRI for various events, seminars and workshops. The aim of the series is to capture an array of angles and viewpoints that will stimulate further discussions. While these are designed to offer snapshots, the intention is to provide starting points to contribute to a continued dialogue to better understand the conditions for peaceful solutions of international conflicts and for a stable peace.
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