• New Game Mode: Devo Wars

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    New Game Mode: Devo Wars - Playable Oct. 20th

    + We are finally bringing a classic game mode into HoN's matchmaking! Over the last few months we have polished and enhanced the traditional gameplay into an exciting experience.

    + Devo Wars map information and tips are shown while loading and queuing for a Devo Wars game.
    * http://www.heroesofnewerth....

    Here is a list of the rules for Devo Wars and how it differs from other gameplay modes:
    Pick Mode:
    - Everyone is Devourer!

    How to Win:
    - First team to 60 kills wins the game.
    - Match will end at 20 minutes if 60 kills are not reached, awarding the win to the team with the higher number of kills.

    - Devo Wars takes place on a very small map with a river in the middle you cannot walk across, but can get hooked across!
    - Shops are located in the back-middle of each side.
    - There is a large pillar in the middle of the map off of which the hooks will bounce.
    - There are four posts on the map located on each corner near the river. These block movement, but not hooks or vision.
    * These posts can be hit by the Grappling Hook if you buy the item.

    - The first 15 seconds of each game is the time to purchase items, during which a player cannot move or use abilities.
    * There are sixteen items to choose from. Explore the options and see what you like the most!
    - Each Devourer has only one ability: Chain Hook.
    - Each of the following upgrades can be leveled any number of times, but you still cap at level 25.
    - Chain Hook can be upgraded in four ways:
    * Damage: Base of 250 and each level adds 15.
    * Range: Base of 1600 and each level adds 120.
    * Speed: Base of 1100 and each level adds 40.
    * Touch Radius: Base of 70 and each level adds 5.
    - Chain Hook bounces off walls.
    - Hooking a Devourer that is being dragged by someone else will instantly kill (or deny) them!
    - Respawn time lowered to ~3-5 seconds at all levels.
    - When you respawn, you are invulnerable for 2.5 seconds.
    - Runes spawn every 20 seconds and move down the river.
    - Runes must be hooked to get their effects.
    - Types of Runes:
    * Time Rune: Grants +150 Movement Speed for 12 seconds.
    * Electric Hook Rune: Your next hook will instantly kill the first enemy it hits. Don't miss!
    * Bomb Rune: Puts a bomb buff on yourself. After 5 seconds, enemies around you take damage and are stunned.
    * Split Hook Rune: Your next hook launches three Chain Hooks instead of one.
    * Coin Rune: Instantly gives you +100 Gold.

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