• sorry if we havent been making any vids lately, so much stuff that gets in the way, new board!! Ill upload the unboxing, and new videos will be up soon :) Spread tha stooke :)

  • The tan tien is now ordered a unboxing will be uploaded as soon as its finished

  • 2000 wievs thanks all you out there :)

  • New video soon !!! stay tuned!!!

  • Hello new background the blood is from the skater that ran into the wall yesterday what a mess

  • Stay tuned

  • New video soon!!!!

  • Hello guys friends and subscribers! I did get a mail from youtube and been invited to monetizate my videos: Wich means i have just to change music on my clips and when i do i will get money $$$

    So guys, i will do that soon so the original music will not be there, but we will start making own music to our clips, thanks again for all the subs and views.

    And as i use to say: Go low, longboard fl´o, dont fall to hard, have fun and wear your helmets!!!

  • We have reached the 1000th view thanks!

  • Now we have a facebook page

  • FACEBOK also! :)

  • longboardinswe - Channel

    • 11 videos
    Hi there! We are a group of guys from Ljungskile, a destination outside Uddevalla in Sweden (50 minutes north of Gothenburg) and we began to ride longboard in the late winter / spring 2011. We are all
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