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Rooster Teeth

RT Recap: Pets of RT

113,168 views 7 hours ago
Join the pets of Rooster Teeth as they look back on this week's videos and sniff each other's butts.

Check out Dragon Ball Z: http://bit.ly/WaxfDD
THE PATCH #60 ­http://bit.ly/1oU1qZ2
RT PODCAST: #279 http://bit.ly/1mP8E1N
RTAA #154: http://bit.ly/W1pxM2
RT Life: http://bit.ly/1klyEwe
RvB Blue Team Shirt http://bit.ly/VY4Ost
Red Team Jersey Shirt http://bit.ly/1rSNTUP
AHWU Week #221 http://bit.ly/1rZoXew
Let's Play GTA V: Path to Insanity http://bit.ly/VQkPAn
Countdown: Top 10 AH Achievement Hunter Olympic Fails http://bit.ly/1kJjpNt
Achievement Hunter Presents: GO! #37 http://bit.ly/1mDORkv
Let's Build in Minecraft: Monopoly Part 2 http://bit.ly/1niJRSL
Things to do in Watch Dogs: Bunny Hop http://bit.ly/1mkBjuG
Achievement HUNT #37: Jack vs. Geoff http://bit.ly/1w76Gtr
Rage Quit: Cow Catch http://bit.ly/U5Io6Q
VS Episode 71: Ray vs. Lindsay http://bit.ly/1r8wUOs
How To: Titanfall http://bit.ly/1zsgEdm
Red vs. Blue Season 12: Episode 9 http://bit.ly/1qOBEqF
Sponsor Cut: RTX Cards Against Humanity http://bit.ly/1sPIZ8K Show less
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The original anime-style series created created and directed by animator Monty Oum.

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