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    Many people when asked what is the kingdom of heaven, have no clear understanding of what it is. One must therefore ask: since the Scriptures instruct us to seek first the kingdom and Yahshua's righteousness, then how can we seek it if we do not even know what it is? This twelve-part series lays out in a most complete manner what the kingdom is, as well as addresses the companion injunction to seek righteousness—giving specific direction as to what righteous behavior is obligated of us and specifically why. This is an incredible and most revealing and informative series, vital to understanding what Yahweh God is doing and will do.
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    Bible contradictions, categorically found throughout the Scriptures, are in fact riddles, even parables, that speak just as much as Yahshua's own parables spoke. Certainly, either the Bible is God's word and the contradictions are intentional parables, or it is the words of man and rightfully cannot be trusted as inerrant. There are no other choices. Gary addresses these riddles, for the first time making sense of the very things skeptics and critics have used in order to besmirch and cast doubt.
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    Just as angels abandoned their place (Jude 1:6), so today women and society have done the same. This four-part video examines three areas set forth in historian, Thaddeus Russell's book, A Renegade History of the United States. Those three areas are: young ladies leading up the Curse of 1920, the black slaves from Africa, and prostitutes prior to the Curse of 1920. Russell believes that these "renegades" and their ill practices were trend-setters for society today. This being the case, then today we are irresponsible and rebellious, slaves to sinful behaviors and practices, and evidencing the ways of prostitutes. As you will see, each of these are sadly true, thereby begging the question as to what Yahweh God will now do as a result. This is a very penetrating and revealing series.
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