• Castlevania in Minecraft

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    My version of Castlevania.
    The castle is not yet complete, but been working on this one since xmas, so getting there...some day.

    I'm basing this on the castle from Castlevania on NES as well as Super Castlevania 4 on SNES. I wanted to add stuff from 3 and later games(like Rondo and Symphony) as well, but that would make things really hard.

    The goal is not to make an accurate 1:1 version of the castle, but more trying to recreate a working castle in 3D, based on a few of the games.
    There will be several alternative routes through the castle:

    Stage 1 and 2 from the first game are pretty much already done. Stage 3 will probably have to end in the clock tower, where Simon drops down into the sewer system I haven't built yet, and ends up in the laboratory(which I will build in a seperate tower, and also add prison). Will have to figure out a way from the laboratory to Death's tower, to make it more consistant with Castlevania 1.

    From Castlevania 4, we have stage 6, and 7(the library), from where I'll add a drop down to the laboratory and later the mines before the clock tower. The clock tower will be climbable through platforming(added a small segment just to test it out). The tower with Slogra, Gaibon and Death is done, with Dracula's Throne Room at the top.

    The huge room underneath the castle will be used for stage 8 and 9 in castlevania 4(the dungeon and the mines/treasury), as well as I'll probably add stuff like the abyss there later. I might also do an inverse clock tower. But for now, I focus on making stuff over the ground and completing the stuff from Castlevania and Castlevania 4.

    I started building in Survival, but had to go to Creative for different reasons after doing the entrance hall, and got stuck there since.
    I'm happy for input and suggestions and whatever, but this isn't something that I will have to do over time. This is what I've done since xmas. In a few months, I will hopefully have more. Show less
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