• Outlaws & Nazis (Rust)

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    In this "Outlaws and Nazi's" in the game Rust, we follow the outlaw Rhinocrunch on his adventures throughout the land of Rustopia. This video gameplay commentary of Rust was all done live on twitch. I was recently able to get a dedicated streaming box to allow me to upload more Youtube content of Rust or whatever I am playing all while streaming live.

    I am also going to focus more on story driven videos with a higher production value. In the past I have done interviews, reviews, tutorials and solo narratives. I really want to take my time to make these the best videos I can and be as creative as I can making them creating a story and give you guys the best.

    I hope you enjoy the direction the channel is going with these story driven short movies and can't wait to get started on the next video.

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    Music licensed under CCBY Attribution and all credit goes to the creators:

    Pepe Frias "Por_un_punado_de_cogollos"
    Lobo Loco "Night has come" Show less
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