• Abusive Tyrants in the Pulpits

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    Just to be clear: I do believe that many abusive leaders in the Church are saved (maybe a few mentioned in this video), but they need to be confronted and corrected by their congregation, for how they have, or are currently, treating the brethren. However, many others are nothing more than wolves, unsaved devils, who have crept in unawares, and are devouring the Church from within. The Lord knows who's saved and who's not-- it is not for me to make that determination.

    Characteristics of an abusive leader:

    One who is a perfectionist

    One who is a narcissist / has delusions of grandeur

    A person who has to control all conversations

    A person who is not accountable to anyone

    A person who is easily offended

    A person who takes any criticism as persecution

    A person who is constantly getting into fights and arguments

    A person with an entitlement complex

    A person who lacks compassion

    A person who is untrustworthy / a gossip

    A person who cannot and will not admit that they are ever wrong

    A person who demands compete loyalty, no matter what

    A person who talks about members from the pulpit-- shaming them

    A person who thinks that leaving the church is tantamount to not being saved

    A person who consistently insults former members

    A person who demonstrates false humility

    A person who builds themselves up by tearing others down

    A person who consistently twists Scripture to prove their erroneous beliefs

    A person who claims a super special relationship with God

    A person who controls others by saying “God told me to tell you”

    A person who hates to be questioned and one who uses Church discipline to silence dissent

    A person who pits family members and friends against each other

    A person who is obsessed with money and sex—always talking about them

    A hypocrite—one who has a set of standards for himself, but another set for everyone else

    A person who consistently calls the salvation of Church members into question

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