• #HappyBirthdayYouTube! A big thank you to you all, and footage from YouTube 10 year Anniversary

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    Hey everyone! So YouTube just turned 10, and I was at the ten year YouTube birthday/anniversary party in Copenhagen, and thought I would take the chance now to make a video, thanking everyone for sticking with me for so long. #HappyBirthdayYouTube
    It’s been a long time since I’ve made a video for you guys and girls, but thinking about how some of you have stuck with me for about 5 years now, I thought I owed it to you.

    A big, huge, thanks goes out to every single subscriber on this channel, who has followed me through all these years. You may not realize it, but you have been a tremendous support for me in difficult times in my life, and now you’ve also helped me get to a point in my life, where I’m starting to “live the dream” in a way. So honestly, sincerely, thank you all.

    It’s amazing to think, that 10 years ago, YouTube didn’t exist, and in just 10 years YouTube has turned into the massive machinery of crazy videos that it is today. I was lucky enough, that through my job, I got an invitation to the 10 year anniversary party that YouTube / Google was throwing here in Copenhagen, in may 2015.

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    I made sure that I could record footage from inside, so lucky for you, I actually have some stuff to show from the party. It was pretty dark inside, so you’ll have to live with it not being the most clear footage of the YouTube anniversary party ever, but it’s all I have.

    I also got to record a bit of vlogging outside (the music at the party inside was way too loud), though you’ll quickly notice that I start getting a bit too drunk to be fully coherent. But hey, that’s the side effect of having fun at a party.

    The whole YouTube 10 year party was a blast, and I got to meet a lot of interesting people, both in marketing as well as obviously a lot of YouTubers. #HappyBirthdayYouTube Show less
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    We all love Japanese dramas (TV series), and in this playlist you'll find all my reviews of different doramas (what people usually call them, due to the katakana spelling of drama: ドラマ). You can find a lot of Japanese doramas on YouTube, just by typing in YouTube dorama for instance. Throughout the videos, I review jdramas like GTO Great Teacher Onizuka (both the old 1998 series, and the new GTO 1012 series), the jdrama Rookies, the dorama My Boss My Hero, Hana Yori Dango, and much more! So if you're looking for dorama online, or dorama TV, this playlist will help you decide what to go for!
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    As always, my views on the different subjects are completely my own, and I encourage you to have a look at j-vloggers (Japan / Japanese Video Bloggers), to fill in your knowledge even more.
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