• Captain America: The Winter Soldier - Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie Panel WWCCC

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    Entire panel for Sebastian Stan and Anthony Mackie at Wizard World Chicago Comic Con.

    QUESTIONS: (Not all questions are verbatim. They are summarized by me.)

    @ 2:04 - Would you trade in your weapons from Captain America for a crossbow?

    @ 3:07 - In the comics, each of you have taken on the mantle of Captain America, between your characters, who would make a better Captain?

    @ 4:22 - In the first Captain America movie when Steve is rescuing Bucky he was talking about his draft number and there's a theory online THAT BASICALLY MEANT that Bucky was drafted and I would like to know your thoughts on that theory.

    @ 6:23 - What did you take from other roles or personalities that might have helped you with Captain America 2? (Specifically for Sebastian in relation to his role on OUaT.)

    @ 8:17 - Each Marvel movie has it's own different genre (???) so if ever there was a Falcon and Winter Soldier movie, what genre would you want it to be?

    @ 9:23 - Who would be the wacky neighbor in that scenario?

    @ 9:42 - What is one of your favorite scenes from Captain America: The Winter Soldier?

    @ 10:25 - Bucky changes a lot from CA:TFA to CA:TWS, so how did you get in the mindset or what did you do to help soothe that along?

    @ 11:39 - What is your favorite moment to happen on set (while you were shooting)?

    @ 16:06 - Will you do the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and will you one-up Chris Evans on his suit?

    @ 17:14 - What about the very first time you guys met?

    @ 18:25 - If you were asked to play one super villain from the Captain America series, who would you like to play?

    @ 19:55 - BREAK IN THE VIDEO. All that is missed is Anthony talking about Crossbones for about ten seconds. Sorry! Switches from actual camera to iPhone.

    @ 20:18 - The left boob grab question. (Have you ever had your left boob grabbed by Chris Evans?)

    @ 22:44 - Asks about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and talks a bit about how loved they are in China.

    @ 23:36 - How do you guys want to see your characters developed in the next film?

    @ 25:47 - What is the hardest part about preparing for your role on Captain America? What is the first thing you do?

    @ 26:39 - I hear you like karaoke - is that true? If you had to do a duet together, what would it be?

    @ 28:40 - Mr. Stan, how many languages do you have?

    @ 29:18 - Sebastian, what was your favorite part about playing Jack Benjamin and do you think he deserved the horrible thing that happened to him at the end of the season? And Anthony, you went to Julliard, right? What's your favorite theater role?

    @ 31:17 - Anthony, as someone who speaks out about representing minorities especially for children, what is a character of color you'd like to see either in a Marvel movie or come to the screen?

    @ 33:05 - My directing class teacher always tells us not to project - what is the worst thing a director has asked you to do that has caused you to do bad acting?

    @ 35:57 - When you're establishing rapport with a director what's the very best thing they can do when you first meet with them to instill confidence in you?

    @ 37:44 - Anthony the issues of diversity and representation in media, not just in films, you've spoken a lot about it, where do you think it's going? (I had a really hard time understanding her sorry!)

    @ 41:31 - Would you ever make an appearance on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.?

    @ 42:22 - Is there any other Marvel character that you would want to be?

    @ 43:54 - Before you two were actors, who inspired you two? (Or to. I think he meant who inspired them to act.)

    And that's the end of the panel! Let me know if you have questions. My tumblr post: http://gladersquad.tumblr.c... Show less
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