Welcome, fellow traveler.

Welcome, fellow traveler.

This set of video works-in-progress was shot primarily by the performer during 2007 and 2008.

All video and narration recorded in theGarret, studio76, TORONTO - or on her streets.

All editing, effects and titles accomplished via Windows Movie Maker and iMovie.

Instrumental soundtrack provided by theDifficultMusicians, 

Richard Bell - keys
Don Garbutt - keys 
John Johnson - woodwinds
Pat Kilbride - bass
Michael Pickett - harmonicas, acoustic guitar
Vito Rezza - drums, vibes
John Tilden - electric guitars
scunyun - narration, toy keys
and was recorded in/on various Toronto studios/streets from 1999 to 2011.

The narration is taken from the self-published 1995 chapbook "OUT HERE ON THE STREET - SCUNNYSONGS - all the words, volume II" by urban environmental activist and former foot/bike messenger, Alan Wayne Scott.

This project made possible through the astute support of the Ontario Arts Council. 

Thanks for listening, eh? ( :-)
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