• Deep Space | [Space Engine] 2K

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    - - - !!! Please watch in full resolution for best experience !!! - - -
    Finally, after 2 weeks of hard work I present "Deep Space" :D
    Flying through the Universe, exploring distant worlds and plying with time... Space Engine!
    The video "Deep Space" was created entirely in „Space Engine“, an awesome procedural space simulator. For more information about the software visit: http://en.spaceengine.org/

    Thanks to Evan King for his music!
    Track: Evan King – Titan Striker
    Chanel: https://www.youtube.com/use......

    Visit my channel for more videos: https://www.youtube.com/use......

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    Best of night sky timelapse!
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    • (1 Billion/Trillion) FPS!!! "Ultra High-Speed Camera" HD - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      Full movie!
      1000000000000 (1 Billion/Trillion) FPS!!! Ultra High-Speed Camera (Licht/Light) HD 720p!
      1 Frame = 1.71 picoseconds
      More Informations:
    • Awesome pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope [1080p] - Duration: 13 minutes.

      • 5 years ago
      My Facebook page:

      Some awesome pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope [Full HD 1080p!!!]
      Galaxies: 1: Arp 273 (0:36) 2: Messier 66 (4:48)
    • The Orion Nebula ~ Ultra HD 4K ~ - Duration: 3 minutes, 13 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      ► This image of Messier 42 (M42) or the Orion Nebula is one of Hubble's sharpest and clearest images ever taken at a resolution of 18000x18000 pixels (download link below).

      I would be very glad if...
    • Mermaids: The Body Found: Did Humans Force Mermaids in to Hiding? - Duration: 100 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
      By Animal Planet Discovery Channel...
      An ancient cave drawing in Egypt depicts what seems like the story of how humans drove Mermaids away and in to hiding. The cave that the drawings were found in...
    • Saturn Time Lapse ~ FUHD 8K ~ - Duration: 113 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      4K? no, 8K! Youtube supports now 8K resolution.
      An animation of Saturn from 2015 to the year 2415. Interesting to see is, how the rings are changing the angle to the sunlight. This is also the reas...
    • "Galaxy Dance" ~ Ultra HD 4K - Duration: 2 minutes, 20 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      A compilation of three HD galaxy photographs taken by the Hubble telescope. The video shows Messier 81, M51 and M104.

      To watch in original quality goto "Settings" → "Quality" and "1440p or better ...
    • Mond, Jupiter & Mars durch mein Teleskop [22.8.2011 05:30h] - Duration: 4 minutes, 45 seconds.

      • 6 years ago
      Mond, Jupiter und der Mars durch mein 114/900 Newton-Teleskop am 22.8.2011 05:30h.
      Moon, Jupiter and Mars through my 114/900 newton telescope (at 05:30h 22.8.2011)
      Viel Spass!
      Enjoy it!
    • If Earth were a Moon of Jupiter - Duration: 86 seconds.

      • 3 years ago
      What would it look like if our earth were a moon of the Jupiter system. It would be a great view in twilight!

      Done in After Effects with motion tracking.

      Visit my channel for more interesting vid...
    • Destroying the rings of Saturn | Simulation - Duration: 57 seconds.

      • 2 years ago
      Software used: Universe Sandbox Alpha
    • Computing PI to 130 000 000 000 decimal digits with y-cruncher.. - Duration: 7 minutes.

      • 3 years ago
      In this video I tried (respectively my PC :) ) to calculate PI to 130 000 000 000 decimal places with a little tool called y-cruncher. Maybe it is not the new world record (12.1 trillion digits!), ...
    • SpaceTravel Full HD 1080p - Duration: 4 minutes, 11 seconds.

      • 5 years ago
      SpaceTravel Full HD 1080p
      Space images from the Hubble Space Telescope.
      Music: Zack Hemsey - "See What I've Become"
      Images: NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScl/AURA)

      Downloadlink images...
    • Freezing water drops on dry ice (MACRO!) - Duration: 4 minutes, 38 seconds.

      • 4 years ago
      Freezing water drops on dry ice filmed in macro [Full HD 1080p]
      Dry ice is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2) at a temperature of −78,48 °C (Dry ice in water: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ukpUjjEi-Ec)
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