• MIDNIGHT RIDE - When Rogue Politicians Call For Martial Law

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    a JAMES JAEGER Film -- Featuring RON PAUL, PAT BUCHANAN, SHERIFF MACK, STEWART RHODES, PASTOR CHUCK BALDWIN, EDWIN VIEIRA, JR., G. EDWARD GRIFFIN, LARRY PRATT, WALTER REDDY, Dan Happel, David R. Gillie, Elias Alias, Erich Pratt, Jack Rooney, Rosie Haas and Sheila Matthews.

    A presentation of MATRIX PRODUCTIONS in association with OATH KEEPERS and BRAEBURN ENTERTAINMENT.

    Inspired by the works of Edwin Vieira, Jr. Produced by Richard B. Iott and Brian G. Rockey. Narrated by Kris Chandler.

    Have you noticed the police and surveilance state being quietly built around us since 9/11?

    MIDNIGHT RIDE -- the sister film to MOLON LABE -- explores what would happen if the dollar crashed taking the world financial system down with it? How would this police state be used in the ensuing civil unrest? Would martial law be declared? If it were, would this be Consitutional? Should such martial law be obeyed? The concerned citizen should be asking these questions.

    MIDNIGHT RIDE -- inspired by the book, "BY TYRANNY OUT OF NECESSITY: The Bastardy of Martial Law" by Edwin Vieira, Jr., available at Amazon -- explores the nature of martial law and how it relates to the Second Amendment and militia clauses in the U.S. Constitution.

    Anyone who likes MIDNIGHT RIDE and wants to support the effort is invited to purchase copies of it on DVD and/or donate to the marketing campaign. Donate at http://www.midnightride.us/... and get DVDs at http://www.MidnightRide.us/...

    Other films by James Jaeger and Matrix Productions -- such as MOLON LABE, SPOILER, ORIGINAL INTENT, CULTURAL MARXISM, CORPORATE FASCISM and FIAT EMPIRE -- are available on DVD at http://www.MoviePubs.net Show less
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    Documentaries about matters of public concern most featuring Ron Paul, G. Edward Griffin, Edwin Vieira and Pat Buchanan. These documentaries are relatively non-partisan but reflect a Libertarian bias and strong support for rebuilding the manufacturing base and the Middle Class.

    Progressives will find many points of agreement with CORPORATE FASCISM and FIAT EMPIRE. Conservatives will particularly like CULTURAL MARXISM, MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE. Both progressives and conservatives should find SPOILER of interest, especially because this documentary features John McManus of the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY.

    MOLON LABE and MIDNIGHT RIDE are sister films that discuss the Second Amendment and the Militia System. MOLON LABE shows us how decentralized, local security is superior to a mercenary police force or a standing army. MIDNIGHT RIDE discusses emergency powers and the legalities of using them as martial law per the Constitution. Progressives are invited to screen these two movies in the hopes that they will re-consider their position on gun rights and why the Founders stated in the Constitution that the right to "keep and bear" was "necessary" for a "free state."

    Find out why many Democrats and Republicans are going Independent or turning to the Libertarian Party in order to apply the best political philosophies whether such come from the Left or the Right. Our movies endeavor to highlight this trend and the benefits of a Constitutional Republic.
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    Now in Production:

    MAINSTREAM traces Hollywood’s origins from the early art-driven movie moguls to the profit-driven corporations of today. With the government-decreed divestiture of movie theaters in 1948, the Golden age of Hollywood was destroyed.

    Along with this destruction of the “studio system,” movies became increasingly formulaic, exploitative, violent and produced by a small “control group” of insiders.

    Then, with the advent of TV and various influences from Europe, Hollywood movies descended into a morass of political correctness that gave birth to what we now know as the MAINSTREAM MEDIA.

    Now governed by just 6 huge conglomerates, Hollywood movies and the New York-based media (collectively the MAINSTREAM MEDIA) have become involved with hundreds of predatory, unethical and often times illegal business practices that result in discrimination against talents, crews, executives and whole populations.

    Worse, the movies and network news have become a tool of the Globalist Agenda, an agenda to outsource the U.S. manufacturing base in the name of “free trade” and destroy the American Middle Class in the name of “stockholder value.”

    Hollywood has become one of the “big bad” corporations it endlessly dramatizes in its movies. And all this started as a consequence of government intervention into the right of the movie moguls to market their own movies in their own theaters.

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    A documentary film collection of popular and vintage bands, peppered with talented musicians and singers.
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    News items and historical video from the Mainstream Media as well as Alternative Media.
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    An assortment of early short films from the 1960s, to Video Workshop productions and features done in the 1980s to more recent Video Workshop Productions.

    Want to get involved? Sign up for the Video Workshop Productions of Devon. Read a description of the curriculum at http://www.meetup.com/Video-Workshop-Productions-of-Devon... and sign up.
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