• Bernie Bongo (Do the Bernie Bongo)

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    Every celebrity mentioned in the video endorses Bernie Sanders! Feel the Bern & Feel the Bongo!

    Bernie in Beast Mode, https://youtu.be/tVS-itGeeEA


    Do the Bernie Bongo, Bernie Bongo
    Talk with your hands, represent the people

    Wanna punch Donald Trump in his big pie-hole?
    Do the Bernie Bongo, like a bald eagle!
    Bernie marched for civil liberties with Dr. King
    So do the Bernie Bongo like Ryan Gosling

    Wealth inequality and greed are becoming obscene
    Even Hillary Clinton is owned by banks on the Wallstreet
    But Bernie doesn’t take that corporate money
    So do the Bernie Bongo like The Red Hot Chilis

    Won’t talk smack, but he packs a punch
    no super PAC, cause he’s not corrupt
    all you dumb pundits, who say Hillary won this
    do the Bernie Bongo, because Bernie just begun this!

    Do the Bernie Bongo, Bernie Bongo
    Smash the greedy banks like Mark Ruffalo as the hulk
    Do the Bernie Bongo, Bernie Bongo
    with Steve Wozniack and Danny Devito

    People wanna bribe him but Bernie says no
    Bernie don't want your mother-fracking dough
    Stop burning fossils, go renewable
    Go do the Bernie Bongo like flippin seal

    Hair is white, shirt is blue,
    Voted against the Patriot Act because he read it, fool!
    If you don’t like getting spied on by the NSA
    Do the Bernie Bongo, like Ben & Jerry!

    Banks run a muck? Break em up!
    Government corruption? Enough is enough!
    America, it’s time to stand up,
    just like Bernie Sanders haircut!

    Do the Bernie Bongo, Bernie Bongo
    He’s a humble hero like the hobbit Frodo
    On the Iraq War, Bernie voted no,
    Bernie’s track record’s better than Usain Bolt

    Doesn’t care bout her server or about his old age
    all he’ll say about servers, is they deserve a fair wage!
    How can Hillary ever regulate the banks?
    when she’s always taking money from banks backstage

    Do the Bernie bongo, Bernie bongo,
    Like Killer Mike and like Will Ferrell
    If you’re mad as hell and won’t take it anymore,
    Do the Bernie Bongo like Leo Dicaprio!

    Make weed legal, stop crowding jails
    The TPP is a bad deal
    So join the rebels, like Han Solo
    Bernie’s our only hope, cause he’s not for sale!

    His mission is to end racism and for-profit prisons!
    a minimum standard of livin for every citizen
    healthcare as a right, no more inflated prices
    kill ISIS, but the bigger threat is the climate change crisis

    Public college should be free and not a fantasy,
    He got a plan to pass the tab to the thieves of Wall Street!
    We need paid family leave, end child poverty
    Gonna dominate the Donald like Ronda Rousey



    Bernie Bongo transcript w sources: https://medium.com/@0rf/ber...

    by Orf / Matt Orfalea

    1:45 "On your left" : https://media.giphy.com/med...

    2:12 "Legalize It" logo by Diane Hokans

    Instrumental: https://www.youtube.com/wat... Show less
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