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    CHORUS: See I be that Lyrical Engineer
    Only the technically minded will know what I'm talkin' about here (2x)
    6am gotta get outa bed
    got this funny feeling comin' straight out my head
    Waiting for the alarm, ready to start a new day
    But it's tough cuz I was up all night on Ebay
    and playing video games, you know I hooked up my Atari.
    to the surround sound system and HDTV
    *Palm Pilot beeps* oh that be my palm pilot
    don't tell me I can't see it cuz I got small eyelets
    Gotta put on my glasses, been wearing them since six
    can barely see my kicks, thinkin' about getting lasix
    so I can see my degree, got my bachelors in ME
    took the EIT, now I'm a licenced PE
    Kickin it w/ EE's & CE's at NEC and HP
    I'm the Overachieving Geek...AKA the OG!
    See I be that lyrical Engineer
    "Fluid dynamics, quantum physics"
    See I be that lyrical Engineer
    "Electrical circuits, Thermodynamics"
    Gotta make that commute to the Silicon valley
    Took a detour so had to use my Rand McNally
    but I had it on my laptop hooked to the GPS
    Don't need commuter stress, gotta swerve with finesse
    Bluetooth headset on so I can drive with both hands
    Gotta hurry to the office, got wires to land
    Red stapler in office in my 6x6 cubicle
    Office space and Dilbert be my American Idol
    Leaning to the side in my Lincoln Navigator
    moving much faster than a particle accelerator
    SLAM! I feel like atoms being collided
    With holy hip hop, you gotta bump it when you ride it
    Oh wait, got no gator, Got the VehiCROSS concept
    An engineering marvel you best not take a wrong step
    I got Torque on Demand with cutting edge propulsion
    Standard with a computer controlled variable induction
    Hittin' the beats...man, only God can engineer this
    you better turn this up in case you can't hear this

    See I be that lyrical Engineer
    "Mechanics of materials, Robotics, statics"
    See I be that lyrical Engineer
    "Heat Transfer, Magnetics, Vector Mechanics"
    Ya know it's tough being an engineer
    Designing gears and calculating elasticity of shear
    I can't go on dates cuz my design project's late
    Be workin' onsite till quarter past 8
    or 9...sometimes even past midnight
    Technicians be trippin', tellin' me that my beat's tight.
    Better (gotta) put on my bunny suit in that clean room environment
    Class 1 fab with no particulates or allergens...work
    on servos in the motors and Robotics with encoders
    got body odor, need a shower, got no time for free loaders
    I must say I'm thankful; God's blessed me with a mind
    With AutoCAD I can design a machine right on time
    Need to design a ship that can go faster & faster
    So that maybe one day I can finally work for NASA
    *whew* Gotta get my head out that panel
    so I can finally go home and watch Discovery Channel
    18 yrs of rappin' but may never see the Grammies
    But at least I can understand thermodynamics
    2 yrs of Calculus solving differential equations
    I be that lyrical engineer with that Asian persuasion
    Sometimes I be chillin' and be listening to the news and
    thinkin' about theories and the principles of Cold Fusion
    look like a nerd, and not a babemagnet
    But got more toys than inspector Gadget
    Like I don't use film cuz my camera's strictly digital
    woulda been a miracle to get a JPEG of Jerrico.
    So when will girls call me? When they can't boot their PC's?
    Sorry Ladies, I'm goin' back to my Atari!
    Director & Editor: Marlon Jones
    Director of Photography: Clifford Jones
    Script: Jahmal Holland and Marlon Jones
    Producers: Laci Sosa and Larissa Chiu
    Graphics: Jared Isham
    Music: Maximillian Reynolds
    First Assistant Director: Heather Chalecki
    Grip & Electric: Chuck Hayes
    D.I.T. & 2nd Assistant Director -- Lizette Anaya
    Assistant Camera: Ryan Jaeger
    Assistant Camera: Jason Poon
    Concert Audio Engineer: John Cho
    Make-up/Hair: Lean Gillen
    Stunt Coordinator: Baldwin Chiu
    Key Production Assistant: Bryan Shigekawa
    Production Assistants: Desmond Au, Andy Giner, Ryan Jaeger, Yonghwan Kang, Tiana SooHoo, Brandon Toy, Kevin Woo
    Set Decorator: Matt Lonn
    Assistant Set Decorators: John Wells, Yelena Wells
    Wardrobe: Larissa Chiu
    Wardrobe Assistant: Eileen Huah
    Craft Services assistant: Michelle Woo
    Photographer: Desmond Au

    Blingy: Noel Arthurton
    Boss: Don DuBose
    DJ Orbit: Darren Gin
    Engineers: JD Davis, Jason Kaine, Melinda Mages, John Schmiederer, Robert Wells
    Computer Girls: GB Balint, Heather Chalecki, Laci Sosa
    Concertgoers: Chester Gee, Corey Lipscomb, D.E. Latham, Deanna Dickson, Denise Martin Del Campo, Duane Smith, Elizabeth Reese, Gwenne Van Gelder, Irene Gee, Jamie Lee-Ramirez, Jared SooHoo, Jason Talmadge, Josh Cotter, Julie Lombard, Kevin Sosa, Marjan Salehpour, Michael Miletti, Reyna Wells, Richard Lai, Ronald Williams Jr., Sara La Forte, Scott Liang, Susan S. Yamaki, Sylvia Bosco, Taylor Fance, Tina S. Lee, Yelena Wells, Yuka King Show less
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