• Novius OS - Quick guided tour

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    Create Once Publish Everywhere with Novius OS, a Cross-Channel Open Source CMS.


    Hi, this is Antoine from the Novius OS team.

    I'd like to give you a quick guided tour of the Novius OS CMS to show you its main features. Let's get started!

    We'll start with the interface. As you can see, Novius OS user interface is both simple and sleek. It is organised around a desktop where the different applications are available.

    Tabs are used for navigation.

    The key point of Novius OS interface is to allow multi-tasking. This means you can quickly move between the different tabs without losing any content.

    Your workspace is automatically saved between two sessions. This way you boost your productivity and save time.

    Novius OS allows you to manage several websites in several languages in the same back-office. This a native feature of the CMS.

    As you can see in the Webpages application, each page can be translated.

    A domain name may be allocated to each site or language.

    We've also made it easy for users to share content and media files across their different sites and languages.

    Novius OS facilitates content sharing too. You create your content once and publish it to other communication channels, including social media.

    Here is Novius OS 'Share' function which—in one click—prepares your content for different social networks.

    Several applications designed for digital communication are provided with Novius OS: Webpages, Media Centre, Blog, Forms and so on. But there's more!

    Custom, tailor-made applications are easy to build.

    They're designed to fit specific business needs. They can be either built by experts or using the 'Build your app' wizard.

    Another key aspect of Novius OS is centralised media management.

    The Media Centre application that you're currently seeing is similar to a traditional file explorer.

    File browsing is quick and user-friendly. You can for instance change the view or filter the media files.

    We hope you've liked this quick tour of Novius OS. We have much more to show you, so feel free to watch the other screencasts on Novius OS YouTube channel.

    We're also looking forward to meeting you on Novius OS forums or Twitter.

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