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  • Novi Novak - Friends And Enemies (Official Music Video)

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    ***Based On A True Story***
    *Video Directed By: Novi Novak
    *Video Fully Edited By: Novi Novak
    *Video Color Corrected And Color Graded By: Novi Novak
    *Full Song Including Verses, Chorus And Bridges Written By: Novi Novak
    *Beat Produced By: Majeed Fick and PSB
    *Mixed and Engineered By: Majeed Fick And Novi Novak
    *Mastered By: Majeed Fick
    *Tracking Engineers: Novi Novak and Majeed Fick
    *Female Vocals By: Alexis Dior
    *Video Fully Edited By: Novi Novak
    *Video Color Corrected And Color Graded By: Novi Novak

    Camera Footage:
    Camera Man 1: Novi Novak
    Actors (*None of which are actual drug abusers*):
    Best Friend: Fred Brown
    Male In Drug Abuser Scene: Anthony Pax
    Female In Drug Abuser Scene: Betsy Mariani


    +*+*+*+*+*+ Intro +*+*+*+*+*
    Alexis Dior
    As My List of regrets gets longer
    my heart grows stronger
    Novi Novak
    This is for my friends who eventually were enemies
    Alexis Dior
    Oh, Be-cause of what you did to me

    +*+*+*+*+*+*+* VERSE 1 +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

    Off the TOP! hadda getta new friend tuh
    Take Ya SPOT! n Id do it again
    If It don't STOP! now I soak it innnnn
    that bull shit ROPE IT INNNN

    my Chemistry set got broke again
    how stupid am I just tuh hope for friends?
    Cuz everytime I get one
    they seem tuh act act DUMB
    be on some dont get where Im comin from, from

    Just a misfit, nother heathen
    lookin for somethin REAL to believe in
    couldn't find it so I figured these kids
    need the same shit so-thats-where-I-be-gin

    They say, what we dont say
    cuz we dont talk bout stacks all day
    N if I dont get radio play
    I'll still get haters that's okay

    This right here
    And the price tags on all they cost
    only got me bought, like a life time supply of hate
    open wounds and a bag of salt

    You were tryin to turn me into somethin I didn't wanna be
    and other people saw that,
    as a matter a fact
    way I pictured life you couldn't draw that,
    and that was our biggest draw back! Come on!

    +*+*+*+* CHORUS +*+*+*+*
    Cuz I know
    I'm over here just slippin, further away, from you
    My hour glass sands spillin through my hands
    As time struggles out of view
    and even though an ocean hits on it
    I build sand castles out of these moments
    Hopin, when its through
    The next ones so much stronger than you

    +*+*+*+*+*+*+* VERSE 2 +*+*+*+*+*+*+*+*+

    Couple friends got shot, couple changed sides
    couple got locked, gave a couple black eyes
    down to ride, They swear they wassssssss
    so Ima talk about it like we need to bruh

    Was the best of friends, you know its true
    i mean You held me up, I did the same for you
    then you held me down n you held me BACK!
    N i dont really know how I can forgive all that

    (Alexis Dior)
    Was like a 100 down a pitch black rooooad
    n we didnt see it comin so we lost contro o ooool

    Uh, I, Talk so Heavy gotta weigh my options,
    n keep my balance like I wanna keep shoppin
    Some say that I aint poppin
    look at all the bullshit they been droppin

    in the process, I lost some friends
    huh, but life does that now and again
    another trap door for an intruder that I let in
    "Wonder where that trap door led him?"

    more important-lee Its just me though
    rawer than a needle spoon fed a Kee-LOW
    Did it for respect therefore WE KNOW
    Villain Sqaud give us time there won't be no equal, GOTTM!

    *** CHORUS ***

    This is what I do and i do it till the death of me
    cant pretend to be cant pretend to be

    Tryin tuh keep friends keepin' secrets from my enemies
    thats the recipe thats the recipe

    Lyin to myself about things that even-tually
    and regretably, that'll never be

    So This is for my friends who eventually were enemies
    *Ohhh, I hope you seein me


    Gear Used For Video:
    Shot with a Canon T4I with a Canon 1.8mm EF II and a 18-55mm Kit Lense
    Self Made Camera Dolly
    Self Made Camera Jib
    Self Made Lighting Rigs
    Self Made Camera Rig with DSLR Controller Software and 9" Android Tablet for Field Monitor Show less
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