• *** Korg MS Family Party * MS-50 * VC-10 * SQ-10 * MS-20 * MS-20 * MS-10 ***

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    About a cute happy Korg MS family having good time together.
    Please watch (and listen!) HQ if possible.

    Used gear:
    - Korg MS-50
    - Korg MS-20 (2x)
    - Korg MS-10
    - Korg VC-10
    - Korg SQ-10
    - Doepfer MSY-1
    - Mackie Onyx 1620i
    - Ableton Live

    All sounds are produced live with the gear as seen in the video. No drum computers are used.

    From left to right, top to bottom:

    The MS-50 plays the kick drum. Also some of the MS-50 modules are used for other functions

    The SQ-10 is programmed to play two sequencer patterns:
    - A+B: 16-step pattern, tuned to play a melody (in the intro this pattern is also used for white noise filter modulations).
    - C: 8-step pattern for filter modulations (percussion and bass)

    The upper MS-20 starts with some white noise percussion, and is switched to play a melody after the intro. This MS-20 output is later on used as input sound for the vocoder. (There is a switch function programmed in this patch which allows me to switch instantly between the microphone or the synthesizer as input for the vocoder).

    The VC-10 adds some great polyphony to the track and is used to process microphone as well as synthesizer sounds.

    The lower MS-20 is used for percussion and uses SQ-10 channel C for filter modulations. Note the variations during the track in the rhythmic pattern and sounds just by using the filters.

    The MS-10 plays a steady bass line. I planned to tweak the bass sound a bit more during the track, but I guess I was too busy :-)

    The track is recorded and mastered using Ableton Live.

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      About a cute happy Korg MS family having good time together.
      Please watch (and listen!) HQ if possible.

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      - Korg MS-20 (2x)
      - Korg MS-10
      - Korg VC-10
      - Korg SQ-10
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