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NeKronos Promotion HELL

  • Noctem - Divinity - feat. C.A. Septic Flesh

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    Noctem "Divinity" video, from their debut album: "Divinity" (Noisehead Records), directed by Miguel Angel Font Bisier(HT Producciones).
    Orchestral arrangements by Christos Antoniou from Septic Flesh.
    Show support and Spread it into the World of Metal.

    More info on Noctem (Spanish Black-Death Metal ) at:

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    "Supporting the Underground... above Ground"
    Lisbon - Portugal
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  • Spearhead - U.K. - Death Black Thrash Metal Play

    Founded in 2005, Spearhead recorded their debut offering Deathless Steel Command in mid-2005 - an
    assault of belligerent chaos and hatred, released through Invictus Productions in 2006. Following the 2006
    promo EP When the Pillars Fall, Spearhead entered Hertz Studio (Poland) in the Summer of 2007 to record
    the second full-length, the highly-acclaimed Decrowning the Irenarch - a monument of imperious, martial
    death metal war, testifying to the eternal truths of the warrior tradition, released again under the blood-soaked
    banner of Invictus Productions in December 2007.
    The intervening years saw Spearhead destroy stages on the 2008 European tour with Impiety and the 2009
    US tour with Urgehal, together with a large number of European festival appearances, including Inferno, Hells
    Pleasure, and SWR Festival amongst others.
    In 2010 Spearhead entered Orgone Studios (London) to record the third full-length, Theomachia: The
    Doctrine of Ascension and Decline, released in April 2011 by Agonia Records. By far the most violent, hostile,
    and unrelenting Spearhead release to date, Theomachia is a bloody proclamation of the cyclical nature of
    time and the path of war in the winter of civilisation. Surrender to the swift advance of death or perish by the
    sword of all-devouring time...
    Svpero Omnia!

    Official site: http://www.spearhead.ws
    Official / myspace site: http://www.myspace.com/spearheadofficial
    Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/pages/spearhead-uk/10391450177

    General/booking contact: spearheadmetal@gmail.com
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  • Uploads Play

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  • Susperia - Norway - Thrash Metal Play

    1999 - Record and distribute the Illusions Of Evil DEMO Mustis (ex-Dimmu Borgir) puts down synthesizer tracks as guest musician having recently joined the ranks of Dimmu Borgir and becoming part of the family tree 2000 - Sign with Nuclear Blast Records(...)2011 - Susperia makes the cut to the norwegian semifinals of the Eurovision Song Contest as one of the 21 qualifiers out of more than 700 contestants with the song Nothing Remains, written in conjunction with the returning Mustis now no longer in Dimmu Borgir Mustis stays onboard as guest musician, returning in this role after 12 years, and the band writes and records new and old material in Strand Studio, Norway Will release, on the special date of 11.11.11, the much anticipated and celebratory album, "We Are The Ones", marking 10 years of album releases Sign a new recording contract with SMG Records 2012 - Will play the Forces of Metal Festival, Netherlands

    Official site: http://www.susperia.net
    Official myspace: http://www.myspace.com/susperiafans
    Official facebook: http://www.facebook.com/susperia
    Official youtube: http://www.youtube.com/susperiaofficial
    Official reverbnation: http://www.reverbnation.com/susperia

    General contact: susperia.band@gmail.com
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  • Witchhammer - Norway - Thrash Metal Play

    Germany, 1486: The Dominican inquisitors Kramer and Sprenger publish "MALLEUS MALEFICARUM" "The Hammer of the Witches", the most important book on the Headhunt and execution of witches and heretics in medieval Europe. The book features detailed information on how to recognize, judge and execute the witches. MALLEUS MALEFICARUM was approved by the Catholic Church in the year of 1487.

    Norway, 1986: Five guys from the Sarpsborg area in southeast Norway get together to form Withchammer, playing compromiseless thrashy HM with melodic overtones and drawing inspiration to many of their lyrical concepts from the MALLEUS MALEFICARUM, from which the name also is derived. Only this time, the hammer is here to stay... With the classic release of 1487 (vinyl now a sold-out item CD available) and the The Lost Tapes, the book of Witchhammer is continuously in creation..

    Norway, 2011: A new Chapter, new vocalist, 9 new songs . Based on a true story of a woman which head was put on a stake in the 1500 century - after being sentenced to death of witchcraft as she cast a spell on the son of the local lord.

    Following this release, Witchhammer will be touring massively, with their goal set to give their fans, both new and old the celebration of 25 years with Witchhammer.
    Witchhammer is hungrier and more aggressive than before, ready to conquer Europe with their own band of technical Norwegian thrash metal!

    Official site: http://www.witchhammer.com
    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/witchhammernor
    Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/witchhammernor
    Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/witchhammernor

    General contact: theband@witchhammer.com
    Booking contact: booking@witchhammer.com
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  • Aktiv Dödshjälp - Sweden - Hardcore, Metal, Crust Play

    Aktiv Dödshjälp was formed in 2004 by Tomas Nilsson who recently had been introduced to Swedish crust
    sound. Being overthrown by this new world of extreme music he felt an urge to create a band to explore
    this new dimension in music.
    After several demos, complication albums and a split 7" had been released the majority of the band
    decided to quite due to the lack of interest, this was in 2006.
    Tomas soon recruited new members to the band and wrote the band's first fullenght album, 4:48 which saw
    the light of day in the middle of 2007. On this album he focused on mixing crustcore a lot with black metal
    and death metal elements.
    In 2009 Tomas recruited Roberth Karlsson (also known from his work in Scar Symmetry and Facebreaker)
    to sing on the forthcoming Aktiv Dödshjälp album. By this time Tomas felt that he had explored most of the
    crustcore sound and started to experiment a lot more with hardcore elements in the songs. The previous
    tours done with Devian had also affected Tomas way in writing songs.
    In 2010 the second fullenght album, Men allting har ett slut, was released and soon got a lot of attentions in
    Aktiv Dödshjälp 2011

    OFFICIAL SITE / MYSPACE: http://www.myspace.com/AKTIVDODSHJALP
    FACEBOOK PROFILE: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Aktiv-D%C3%B6dshj%C3%A4lp/...

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  • Balfor - Ukraine - Barbaric Black Metal Play


    BALFOR was formed in November 1997 in a small town in eastern Ukraine, as a side project of Thorgeir - vocal/bass/guitar, and guitarist Svart, to play fast, but melodic, Black Metal. The band released their first album "Volki Severa" in 2001, and, following a number of personnel changes, and encouraged by the positive reviews the LP received, Thorgeir decided to concentrate all his energies on BALFOR and develop the band further. Berowar came in on bass in November 2005 and the two formed the core of what BALFOR was to become.

    Defining their music as "Barbaric Black Metal" in tribute to the history of their homeland, BALFOR released their four-track promo "Pure Barbaric" for free download via a net label in 2006; a move that proved to be extremely successful in terms of raising the band's profile and garnering a substantial following throughout the world. BALFOR's fan bases, and reputation, were further increased by various live and festival appearances.

    BALFOR today? With the release of the new album "Barbaric Blood", it is obvious that founder Thorgeir has developed into a charismatic front man who is able to switch from aggressive black, to soaring melodic clean vocals with consummate ease, whilst BALFOR's effortless ability to cross the melodic/black/death/extreme metal genres draws to them a diverse range of fans. "Barbaric Blood" is definitely one of the defining moments in BALFOR's career.


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  • Belphegor - Austria - Supreme Death Black Metal Art Play


    BELPHEGOR have risen to icon status when it comes to supreme death / black metal art! Ever since their now legendary debut "The Last Supper" in 1995 mainman Helmuth and his henchmen have continuously worked all their way to the top with technical skill, sophisticated songwriting and highly blasphemous lyrics! After releasing "Walpurgis Rites -- Hexenwahn" in 2009, BELPHEGOR are now back with their fourth masterpiece for Nuclear Blast Records: enter "Blood Magick Necromance", an opus filled to the brim with dark and sinful anthems showing a band clearly at its career peak. The eight new compositions are simply the most brutal, elegant, epic and gripping material we`ve heard from BELPHEGOR so far! The production comes from none other than legendary studio wizard and HYPOCRISY head honcho Peter Tägtgren, who gave the typical BELPHEGOR sound a cutting and ultra-heavy yet crystal clear edge.
    Frontman Helmuth comments: "This will be the most epic and monumental BELPHEGOR Werk to date!" Mark his words!

    Official site: http://www.belphegor.at
    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/belphegor
    Youtube channel: http://www.youtube.com/belphegorband
    Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/belphegor

    Band contact: belphegor@aon.at
    For info/concert/festival/toorbooking :
    Eu: dominik@rockthenation.eu us: firstrowtalent@aol.com
    Latin american: tumbaprod@uol.com.br
    Colombia: sylphoriumrec@yahoo.com
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  • Black Altar - Poland - Black Metal Play

    In the darkest abyss of chaos where time and space are impenetrable, Black Altar came into existence. It took its earthly shape during blasphemous Sabbath in the Night of Walpurgia Anno Bastardi 1996, when it was summoned by the voice of Shadow. He, as the first guardian of Black Altar, have started an unholy crusade, thus awaking fear and pain among the hypocritical and hideous christian lambs.
    The first stroke into their rotten system of values was a demo entitled "Na Uroczysku..." which gained a special recognition among several groups of listeners. It was recorded by Shadow in 1997 at Selani Studio with the help of Doc, Vader's drummer, in the role of a music engineer and drumS programming. Released under Shadow's own label - Odium Rec., the first issue of 500 copies was sold out rapidly, making the name of Black Altar very popular in Poland and in other countries as well.
    Where were many musicians involved, however none of them stayed long because they could not meet Shadow's high musical and ideological requirements. The turning-point came in the end of 1999 when two new musicians, who just like Shadow had shown boundless devotion to the Black Metal Art, joined the band.
    In December 2000 a new, long-awaited EP entitled "Wrath ov the Gods" was recorded. Although all the compositions included were rather old, this record presented a new and more full-fledged face of the band. The EP was released in 2002, once again, by Odium Rec., this time as a limited to 666 copies hand-numbered with blood split CD with promising band Vesania. In 2003 Odium Rec. re-released "Wrath of the Gods" in the form of limited to 500 copies, hand-numbered with corpse blood, 7" EP.
    In September 2003 at Selani Studio Black Altar recorded their debut album entitled "Black Altar". It was a great improvement in the development of the band. All the compositions show an enormous potential of Black Altar. The new hymns are still more extreme and more technical. They reveal the unknown regions of Black Metal - an Art destined for the privileged. "Black Altar" was mixed and mastered at Studio X. For the track "Fire ov Immortal Self" a professional video was recorded. In April 2004 the material is released in the form of CD and a gate-fold LP by the German Christhunt Productions. Odium Rec. releases a limited to 666 copies hand-numbered with corpse blood cassette version of "Black Altar".
    After releasing the debut album Shadow parts with his musicians and as of that moment Black Altar became a one-man band.
    In 2006 WarKult Prod from Peru released remastered version of Black Altar "Wrath ov the Gods" (with 4 bonus tracks) as split,slip case cd, with Nebular Mystic (Nor).

    In October 2006 Black Altar finished, at very good Studio X, record session of their second album called "Death Fanaticism". It's a killer Black Metal Holocaust! This unholy Masterpiece ov Black Art was unleashed as cd in March 2008 under the wings of Odium Rex and as gatefold Lp version by Antichristian Front Rec from Spain.

    In July 2010 Black Altar recorded tracks for mini album “Suicidal Salvation” and for split Black Altar/Varathron/Thornspawn.
    In January 2013 Black Altar / Varathron / Thornspawn split was finally unleashed by Odium Records as jewel case cd version, as a deluxe gatefold vinyl limited to 350 copies on black and to 150 copies on clear vinyl by Floga Rec/Hellsfire Rec from Greece. Moreover digi book A5 version will be released about February via Black Saw Prod (Mex) and BlackDeath Coven (USA) and tape version, limited to 140 copies in cardboard box via RawBlackKult Prod from Bolivia! There are 3 new tracks of Black Altar +intro and outro.

    In October mini album "Suicidal Salvation" was unleashed by German Darker than Black as a digi pack and Lp (in 2014). The album includes songs originally intended for the split with Shining

    Next release of Black Altar will be a split with Beastcraft (Nor) in 2014.


    Official site: http://www.black-altar-horde.com
    Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/blackaltarhorde
    Facebook profile: http://www.facebook.com/blackaltar

    Booking / contact: shadow666@interia.pl
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  • Centurion - Poland - Intense Death Grind Play

    CENTURION was found in the middle of 1998 by Bigos (guitar) and Śliwa (drums). The band from the very beginning has played fast and brutal kind of death metal (inspired by DERANGED and ANGEL CORPSE style). After a couple of months Ostry (second guitar), Sobiech (vocals) and Ziomek (bass) joined the band. In the beginning of 2001 CENTURION recorded the first demo, called "...and they will leave only remains". In the middle of 2002 the band entered DBX studio in Warsaw and recorded first LP „Conquer&Rule". It contains over 25 minutes of brutal death metal and the cover of Morbid Angel „Day Of Suffering". CENTURION has officially signed three-record deal with Apocalypse Records. After that CENTURION toured Poland two times (in March 2003 and February 2004) with the company of well known polish death metal killers from YATTERING. In March 2004 CENTURION was invited to play during one of the biggest European metal festival METALMANIA 2004. In the beginning of 2005 Sobiech, Ostry and Ziomek decided to leave the band.
    In the next year Caesar (known from SHRAPNEL) and AD Gore (PYORRHOEA, GORTAL) took up their functions as vocalist and guitarist. In this form the band started to work at the second album. In May 2007 Blacha (bass) joined the band. In October 2007 Centurion entered Progresja studio and recorded promotional stuff called "Sacrilege". Those three new tracks are the most sadistic and brutal material in the career of the band and it also shows how will be the upcoming LP album look like. „Sacrilege" was also release as a split album with GORTAL by the French Gorification Musix in 2008. In the same time Centurion and Mittloff from Apocalypse Records decided to finish the cooperation.
    In 2009 band started to work at the second LP, called "Serve To No One".
    The band entered one more time Progresja studio in Warsaw, known from cooperation with such great bands as AZARATH, MASACHIST or LOST SOUL. Mix and mastering of „Serve No One" was finished in the beginning of 2011. Piotr "Mittloff" Kozieradzki, a drummer of prog rock band RIVERSIDE was responsible for mixing of the material and Andy Blakk (ex-PYORRHEA, CONQUEST ICON) is an author of mastering. This release was also a farewell album of Śliwa who left the band due to his personal life. He was replaced by Domin, previously known from the the bands such as DEVILYN and NOMAD. Throughout the whole period of activity CENTURION has played a few concerts all over Poland supporting among others the bands such as IMMOLATION, ASPHYX or VADER.

    Line up:
    Caesar -- vocal
    AD Gore -- guitar/backing vocals
    Bigos -- guitar/backing vocals
    Demon -- drums
    Blacha -- bass

    "...and they will leave only remains" -- demo 2001
    „Conquer&Rule" -- LP 2002 (Apocalypse Prod.)
    "Sacrilege" -- promo 2007
    "Sindecade/Sacrilege" -- split z GORTAL (Gorification Musix)
    "Serve No One" -- 2011 (TBC)

    Band contact:
    AD Gore: adrian.slojewski@gmail.com / +48 502 198 801
    Caesar: hellpaker@wp.pl / + 48 500 598 999
    Bigos: bigos412@o2.pl / + 48 509 77 28 28
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