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    Carol Reid
    I'd like to trade ATCs, art cards, postcards, etc. (Probably in September on with gks going back to school, etc.! Let the kids get settled in!) An ATC "circle" or whatever they are called would be fun! I bought some of those plastic card holders and there are a couple of paper companies making already cut ATCs in the right sizes, although a heavy mixed media or watercolor paper would be great too! I've never done the art trading card game, yet it sounds like fun! Would you Luk I watched your video with the Koi in the pond & used the subject matter & very similar drawing to create my own version of your pic, although in different media. I'm going to try to get it on Google plus. Fun stuff! Your video was repeating in parts, much like a scratched record. I know when burning your own CDs, burning them at high speeds can cause noise & skipping... Perhaps it happened when uploading? Just a thought, or if you used copy burned to a DVD or CD, it might have been burned too quickly? (Buffers can only handle so much data at once!) Anyhow, it could be something else entirely. Those issues just came to mind. Hope hear from you!
    Zues 34f
    I    love    your    books    so   much
    Hi Becca, I think somebody has copied your video on their channel. I came across a video from this channel Mas Nyong and instantly recognized your intro and your voice. Maybe you already know or maybe you gave them permission but I just thought I'd mention it incase you didn't know anything about it.
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    Micah Buzan
    Your artwork is beautiful.
    Lovely ashi Love me やあ、いとしい人
    You're always going to be my favorite YouTube or of all time second to Baylee and markcrilly and jazz
    Art mam Craft and more and vlogs
    You're my favorite of all YouTube or's And I'm going to put you as the top 10 talented youtubers
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