• Reality: Building Muscle Is Not THAT Hard

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    Video Transcript:

    In today’s video I want to explain why, when you really break it all down step by step, piece by piece, building muscle is actually not THAT hard.

    The reality is that building muscle and burning fat is really nothing like what a lot of these "bodybuilding motivation" videos or dramatic inspirational fitness quotes on Instagram make it out to be.

    Building muscle and getting strong does require patience and consistency, yes. It does require focused effort. And, yes, there can be challenging times with it if your motivations dips for some reason, or you get injured, or some other area of life gets in the way.

    However, in the overall grand scheme, the only truly challenging part of the muscle building process is just in those beginning stages where you’re actively developing the habits of proper training and proper nutrition.

    Once you’ve settled into a routine with it though, it’s really not that hard. And actually, if you can learn to enjoy the muscle building process for what it is - if you can learn to appreciate the effects that weight training and good nutrition have on your mind and your body - then it’s not only not hard, but it’s actually something that you’ll enjoy doing a good portion of the time.

    For myself and for a lot of people where weight lifting is just a routine thing, I actually enjoy training most of the time.

    I like putting my music in. I like the feeling of moving the weight and getting a pump. There’s the whole post-workout high that comes after that. I think it all feels good and so there’s very little genuine discipline involved a lot of the time.

    In terms of nutrition, this is usually the tougher part for most people, but again, it’s mainly just a matter of developing new habits.

    It can be challenging in the beginning when you don’t have a good handle on things like calories and macronutrients and don’t know your body well yet, but once you do get those things figured out, muscle building nutrition is actually pretty straight forward too.

    You don’t need to track exact macros and know precisely how many grams of protein, carbs and fat you’re eating. As long as you have a decent handle on your overall calorie intake and are eating a reasonably balanced diet throughout the day, that’s really the majority of the process.

    And not only that, but this whole idea that building a lean and muscular body means depriving yourself and eating a boring diet is a completely outdated concept.

    If you just take some time to look up some different bodybuilding meal ideas and different fitness recipes, then you can hit your nutritional needs and genuinely enjoy pretty much everything you eat throughout the day.

    For me personally, I genuinely look forward to each meal I eat. I eat a minimally processed whole food diet the majority of the time but still use food combinations that are really good and that I enjoy, and I still allow myself to have higher fat and higher sugar foods in moderation without any guilt.

    What you’ll also find is if you’ve developed these healthier nutritional habits in comparison to what you were doing before, you'll just feel better on a permanent basis.

    So, just like with the weight training, you'll learn to actually enjoy doing it and you wouldn't have it any other way anyway even if you could.

    So the main point of this video is that if you’re wanting to build muscle and get into better shape but you’ve held back because it seems like this massive sacrifice, it's important to understand that that's ultimately not true.

    The challenging part of gaining muscle and burning fat is just learning the ropes in the beginning.

    But once you’ve put in the initial effort to do that, you’ll start settling into a routine with it. Training and nutrition will become a lot easier. and once you start seeing tangible results, that’s going to increase your motivation further and you’ll probably start enjoying the process rather than seeing it as a struggle.

    So if this is something that you want, just go for it. Get started, grind out the initial stages, and you’ll find that after a while it's fairly smooth sailing and that bodybuilding is really not as big of a deal as you thought.

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