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  • Black Army Veteran's Plea To America. #TimeIsShort

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    Since I've started simply using my voice as a journalist, and also a YouTuber, the amount of threats and racial insults that I've received have DRAMATICALLY increased. That is of no concern to me... What is of concern is that those people will have children and those children, children.... Those generations of people we will never get a chance to meet will look at each other and what will they think? Will they say, "My mother and father taught me well, therefore I am equipped for life's journey" or "I wish my mother and father would have done a better job at loving instead of fearing"? The future will be what we pass to our children through the actions we do today.

    While I am nowhere near a perfect parent, like most of us aren't (lol), we share one common trait amongst us all... We LOVE our children... And civilized people want their children to love other people. So why don't we start doing a better job at dispelling the myth that America isn't a racist society built PRIMARILY off of the back of the brown man in "less than desirable" conditions most of the time. Let's stop telling the lie that #WhitePrivilege stemming from capitalistic competition hasn't infected every culture in this country... The passiveness of the "comfortable" will be the allowance of the opening of the "gates of hell" in America... Spiritually and manifested physically through governmental tyranny, public ignorance/deception, and our willing transition from God's basic principles of Life, Love, and Liberty. We have given allegiance to a land run by egotistically driven ambitions instead of keeping our allegiance loyal to Godly principles... So do I obey all of God's laws everyday? NO! Like I previously mentioned, I am not perfect... Though I am not perfect, I refuse to lie about the truth. And that's something we should all feel and adhere to if we want tomorrow's children to honor our legacy we are willingly creating today.

    If you take nothing more from this message, just know that someone out here has their head screwed on correctly and loves you and wants nothing but the best for your children and family. You are me... I am you. We are human. Some of us humans just need a little help more than others... If we do it on our own, we're radicals... But if we collectively change this country by evolving towards LOVE and away from FEAR then WE will be the chosen. This is not about me... This is not about you. This is about how our children see and interact in the world we left for them... Will we be able to die saying we did our best job bringing more love than fear and confusion? I hope so... We have to mend the ROOT of our problems in America if we're going to make it to that promised land. If not, our children will know what we've contributed. Their lives could either be blessed by our contribution or cursed by our contribution... You'll decide that with your actions today. Tomorrow is a short distance away... ~Sincere

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    This is the truth as I know it and have lived it. I do not aim to predict the future... I only aim to inform those who are deprived of the information they should know and understand. The less we understand about what is to come, the more vulnerable our families and children will be... That is not American. That is not a part of the "dream"... Though this country hasn't been perfect by any means, we cannot let our leaders, both public and behind the scenes, blindly lead us into our own destruction as they comfortably escape any wrath or persecution. Truth will win... Justice will reign victorious in the hearts of the righteous... Jesus was a rebel to wicked human "authority" and man made unjust "laws". When Jesus says to walk in righteousness... What do you think He meant? Be passive? I doubt it... Our Father in Heaven is just. When His Commandments are obeyed... When they are not and He's mocked expect to be rocked! That is called justice... And the US is a direct mockery of anything related to justice. The founding principles of this great Nation are righteous enough for moral men to live in equality and thrive... Yet, the elite few cause separation, segregation, and disintegration. View these videos and join with me in the battle for equality, liberty, and sacrifice. WE have to change tomorrow... Or, eventually, there will be no tomorrow. ~Sincere
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