• Open Up: Feminist/Survivor Spoken Word Piece

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    I dedicate this piece to anyone who has ever been a victum to abuse of any kind: mental, physical, sexual, spiritual, etc. Remember your worth, you are a survivor and for that you are a victorious warrior.
    Explicit contents, not suitable for "minors"
    And FYI you do not have to be female to be a feminist!!! Feminist, to me, does not mean MAN HATER! I'm male for pete's sake. It means uniting my sisters, female identified people of all sorts - including transgender,intersex,transexual woman, into the PICTURE. Claiming love and equality for women and women's rights. Letting them be heard, including them in spaces and as authoritive figures. Supporting that we are all people, regardless of our genders which do not make us greater than one another. Show less
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  • "The Little Black Book" Readings Play all

    Readings from "The Little Black Book" by Ralph Waldo Emerson. All readings are in the dark to tie into the theme of the mysteries uncovered in this spectacular black book of little life lessons.
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  • ABC 20/20 Orthorexia Interview Play all

    2008 Interview with ABC 20/20 National News. Caution: MAY TRIGGER. This was my first of a few public media interviews I did to bring awareness about the reality of orthorexia nervosa specifically. Many of us were VERY displeased with the outcome of this document, they tweaked a disease to look like a diet!!
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  • Nutrient IV Therapy Treatment Play all

    You are watching a 5 part (with bonus 6 part) documentation of my first nutrient IV treatment therapy with my new ND, Dr. Erika Horowitz at San Francisco Natural Medicine. As of November 7th 2009 I will be going to this clinic once a week (Satrudays) to get IVs of amino acids and micronutrients that I am not able to get through diet alone due to anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and digestive/malaborption damage/distress. I will be getting a series of 10 treatments and at that point we will be doing follow up tests, weight check in, vitals, etc. to see how my first 10 treatments have helped and where to proceed. I will eventually be able to, and can't wait, meet all my nutritional needs from my raw food diet alone. I have done it in the past but then again was at a better place of health.

    This series contains NUMBERS: weights, caloric intake, vitals and such. You will also see the IV line going in. I am not responsible for your triggers, you have been warned. This document is for educational purposes only. If you would like to use it for educational purposes then I ask that you ask my permission first. I will not be taking emails or multiple questions as I do not have the energy to do this and need to focus on my recovery. You get what you see in this 5 part series : )

    This is NOT covered by insurance. However, we are going to try to work something out. I will keep you updated on that. Treatments cost $190 - $230 an IV - cost depends on how much IV I can tolerate per session... This is a major step in my recovery and me being serious about saving my own life. I give God all the glory for guiding me and giving me willpower to proceed. Thank you all for your support as well.

    ALL COMMENTS MUST APPROVED BY ME FIRST. PLEASE BE PATIENT. All unsupportive or offensive comments will be deleted and user blocked, no exceptions.

    For more info on nutrient IV therapy:
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