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    Free Emotional First Aid between needing and receiving professional help for depression. Music Powered by Spotify & Partnered by Breathing Space (NHS 24) http://www.MusicOnPrescript...

    If not you - your wife, husband or partner… your son or daughter… your mother or father… your brother, sister or dearest friend will at some point suffer from depression, given its current 1 in 4 strike rate and global / 2020 projection of being the No.1 cause of disability.

    The World Health Organisation also predict suicide to be the No.2 cause of pre-mature death, already stealing 1 MILLION lives a year - more deaths than homicide and war combined and this number is set to double.

    When looking at the root causes of suicide, we’re still not seeing the whole problem, since 3 in 4 people who take their own lives, do not contact Mental Health Services in the year before their death.

    For those who do seek help, the time gap until you see a specialist is another killer. You wouldn’t go unseen for 6 months with a broken finger. Yet many of those who are emotionally broken and suicidal, remain on waiting lists of up to 6 months, even between appointments, due to the unequal funding and institutional bias, that mental health services receive compared to physical health.

    Like any problem, there’s no single solution. However, since music transcends, connects and affects us most as human beings, not least its now proven ability to heal, Music On Prescription will make a real contribution. Not just in dealing with depression, but also a range of other complex needs such as dementia, where music is re-connecting people with their lost identities.

    Powered by Spotify, http://www.MusicOnPrescript... will be a free, global, Emotional First Aid service of self selected music and self help resources, designed to bridge that critical time gap between needing and receiving professional help for depression and reach ANYONE, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME - particularly those not engaging with traditional help and dying before anyone can reach them.

    By answering 10 questions that trigger specific musical memories, users will create their own Feel-Good Album and enjoy free access to another 30 MILLION songs and mental health resources, including weekly animated videos addressing the user’s specific issues. Whether you’re a sufferer, a concerned parent or significant other, http://www.MusicOnPrescript... will be there to support and mentor you in the challenging days, weeks and months ahead.

    With the WILL of Sir Harry Burns, then the Scottish Government Chief Medical Officer and support from NHS 24, it’s been the mission of husband and wife team Iain and Maureen to find the WAY to deliver the service, having both been personally affected.

    Iain’s sister, herself an NHS Psychiatrist completed suicide and the subsequent challenge as parents, when Iain & Maureen’s eldest daughter survived multiple suicide attempts, only strengthened their resolve and expertise with helping others live with and manage self harm & depression. Not least, giving them both first hand experience of a deeply flawed Mental Health Service and a desire to do something about it.

    Maureen became a Counsellor and a Trainer in Self Harm & Suicide Intervention Skills for ‘Choose Life’ The Scottish Government’s Suicide Prevention Strategy.

    However, not content with audience numbers and aiming to spread her message of HOPE, Maureen started writing and performing her own music. Though once again, appreciating the limitations as an Independent Artist, yet knowing the healing power of ALL music - the idea of Music on Prescription was born.

    In short - given the growing, global threat from depression, self harm and suicide, an equally robust response must be given and your support will help us reach the next stage of development. Even just visiting http://www.MusicOnPrescript... and clicking the ‘share’ button will make a difference.

    Yet the simplest, but GREATEST contribution we can all make, to our own and others' mental health is KINDNESS… Kindness in our homes, kindness on our streets, kindness in our schools, kindness in our workplaces & kindness in our governments. As we say in Glasgow:

    “it’s nice to be nice.”

    http://www.MusicOnPrescript... is operated by Hope Media Ltd, a Not-For-Profit Social Enterprise with the Social Purpose of innovation through the arts to advance Mental Health & Well-Being. 100% of profits are re-invested to advance these aims vs the distribution of profits to individual shareholders.

    Founded by MAUREEN O’KELLY Celtic Singer Songwriter & Mental Health Activist from Scotland. Visit Show less
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