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  • Learn about Mrs. P & her storytime channel

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    Mrs. P (played by T.V. actress Kathy Kinney) endeavors to expose young people to great books and stories through a celebrity storyteller and to spark their imaginations and creativity. Every September the annual writing contest is held. Mrs. P's channel is for perfect for teachers & parents. Learn about the website and videos in this promo. Show less
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  • Poetry Fun Play

    Poems help introduce children to verse, prose, rhythm, rhyme, various writing styles and literary devices. The simple language used in some poems can be appreciated by readers of varying abilities, providing a context to teach a variety of language arts skills. Here are some fun examples to inspire kids to write their very own.
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  • Imagination Launchers Play

    Mrs. P's Imagination Launchers help kids jump-start their imaginations. Watch an Imagination Launcher animation starring my dog Spyri – and let the stories begin! Visit MrsP.com & my teacher page for the Imagination Blog post with more ideas & free printable.
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  • Book Bits Play

    Mrs. P's BOOK BITS - Writing Prompts in the Art of Summarization. Summaries of some of Mrs. P's most popular titles, to show children how with just a few words you can share the essence of a text. Visit MrsP.com & my teacher page for the Book Bits Blog Post with more ideas.
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  • Mrs. P Celebrates Young Authors - Play

    Enjoy the stories from the talented young authors who have won my annual Be-a-Famous Writer Contest, and some of the extra special finalist stories too.
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  • Into the Woods - The original 4 stories featured in the movie! Play

    With the new movie coming out, Into the Woods, why not see the originals that the story is based on! You'll learn the important lessons from these popular children's stories including Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella, Jack and the Beanstalk and Rapunzel.
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  • Bullies: Once Upon a Classic & Modern Tales Play

    This playlist is a great resource for parents and teachers to start a dialogue with your children about the important subject of bullying. These stories may be a tool for dealing with certain kinds of bullying, and for kids who run the risk of suppressing their interests and talents just to fit in.
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  • Happily Ever Afters Play

    These stories told through the ages, passed down from story-teller to story-teller, tap into our longing to overcome adversity and witness a dreamed being fulfilled. The three stories in this playlist all take us on a journey often with magical elements of a classic fairy tale such as a witch, a fairy godmother, or a handsome prince. Along the way we witness the main characters kindness and courage as they triumph over greed, arrogance, and bullies. And they all have a happy ending and justice is served.
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  • Hans Christian Andersen Favorites Play

    These timeless classics from author Hans Christian Andersen are some of my favorites. Enjoy The Butterfly, Thumbelina, and The Little Mermaid.
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  • Mirror, Mirror on the wall... Play

    Mrs. P shares some of the best fairy tales of them all! by the Brother's Grimm.
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  • Dare to be Scared! Spooktacular Stories For Halloween Play

    It's downright fun to be scared silly! A good scary story can be as wonderful as a carnival ride. Enjoy some of my favorites!
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