• Fallout 4 - Wasteland Travel Guide - 4

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    Fallout 4 - Wasteland Travel Guide - 4

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    Welcome to my Let's Play of Fallout 4, where I show you the funniest moments I experienced.
    Fallout 4 takes place in Boston and we are playing the role of a surviver, right after the nuclear attack.
    Out task is to survive this apocalypse, find our son and face the different opponents we meet, like super mutants and death claws.
    We also have a great variety of weapons, which makes it easier to deal the wasteland.

    Fallout 4 is a great open world game with a typical post apocalyptic atmosphere and also great graphics and sounds.
    Come with me on a journey, where death awaits us everywhere.

    You can get this game here on Steam:

    You can find the mods on:

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    Welcome to my Let's Play of Yandere Simulator!
    We are playing the character Yandere Chan and we are in love with Senpai. Our target is to get the attention of Senpai and make him fall in love with us.
    But we have an opponent called Kokona Haruka and we need to get rid of her. Of course we have a lots of possibilities to kill her.
    We can spread gossips and she kills her self or we can kill her with electro shocks and it looks like an accident.
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    In the DLC Automatron, we have to fight against the Mechanist. A crazy guy, who is the ruler of a robot army. He is one of the most dangerous enemies in the Wasteland and we have to stop him, before he is going to destroy everything, what's left.
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    Welcome to my let's play of Shadow Warrior
    In this game, we play the role of Lo Wang.
    Lo Wang is business man who wants to get the Nobitsura Kage, a special katana sword.
    Mr. Mizayaki owns this sword, but he doesn't want to sell it, so Lo Wang is forced to get it with violence.
    As Lo Wang is after Mr. Mizayaki, Lo discovers, that he is able to use special powers to stop him.
    He uses some kind of demon powers.
    But that can't stop Lo Wang, to get his sword.
    Follow me on a crazy journey through a feudal place somewhere in China, with a lot of bloody and funny moments.
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