• "Chasing Stars"

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    "Chasing Stars"
    Produced by/Verse Lyrics: Michael Shamblin
    Mix Engineering: BB Barcus
    Video: Jonathan Hagans & Michael Shamblin
    Angel: Cindy Barker



    www.michaelshamblin.com / www.remnantfellowship.org
    (c) 2014 True Religion Records

    Ordinary people chasing stars, stop and wonder who they really are,
    But the circles keep on closing around them,
    Fascinating fires draw them in, promises of love thrown to the wind,
    But the circles never open for them...

    They never open, why? Do these things in life not work out the way we wanted, ghosts of people that leave the church, we're still haunted,
    So a Christian deal didn't work out, my mom's practically accosted from trinity statement, we're still undaunted,
    People try to control what's around, lookin for a solid ground, they change environment cause maybe that is where the Rock is found!, frightened people in this country that are flinchin from the slightest sound,
    Screamin where can I find an up? Give me meds, I'm so down!,
    But changing environments not an answer, not a medicine on shelves, but lookin at a mirror and us decidin to change ourselves!
    Lookin for a Heaven cause I can no longer afford this hell,
    I can't move a mountain! Lord! Help!... My life it pales, compared to what I'm seein, God can you make me no longer stale, these stairs I'm walking up are slowly turning into prison rails,
    Truth is hiding out there, so God can You take off these veils, help us see that we're the ones that decide if our life it wins or fails.

    They never open, No, You can't change a person, the way they go, but you can change one person, looking inwardly spiritually so, when you're lookin in the mirror glow, while you're flyin keep that flow, cause every hour you're in the air you're fighting against the undertow!, keep it humble keep it low, they don't want you to make it, No!, this could be the last chance I've got to go All In, Lord keep me from fallin, I'm sick of stallin, tired of beatin my head against a wall and, I don't want to be caught in a vault of sin, no longer God I'm faultin! I'm switchin my ways today cause tomorrow's my new assault, and I will never bend to the world Again!
    I'm in control of only me, my old mistakes are appallin, so I'm lookin at my reflection see, and that'll be my ministry,
    full of righteous, full of Thee, humble, ever gracious be, changing environment inwardly, and no more pointing sinwardly, cause my own attitude can be, reachin for the stratosphere, fearfully preachin to the person in the mirror lookin back at me...

    I know when I greet the brand new day, my mindset's gonna be different, hey, no longer pointing fingers cause that's no longer the Christian way!, no matter what detractors say, I'll keep the course and fight this war on a horse of white cause the Source said that in the end the hater's pay!,
    So naysayers get out my way, my own fate I won't betray, God has layed a blueprint out, a straight line pointing to outer space,
    No more projecting time I'll waste, my own demons I have to face, gonna have to change my ways, cause I can't rely on a faking grace!
    Rightful actions must replace, an old lifestyle, its been awhile, but it's putting a smile back on a spiritually morphing face, and in the end we'll rest our case, I know God has given a bounty in a fruitful land so I'm gearing up to make that Change! Get a taste! Show less
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