• How To Avoid The 2020 Internet Recession 🤯💸

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    If you want to know how to make money online with Shopify, drop shipping, ClickFunnels, affiliate marketing or any other type of business you need to prepare for the upcoming internet recession. Or as I like to call it, the Internet Correction of 2020.

    Whether the traditional global economy is going into a recession or not is irrelevant. The digital recession is already upon us and thousands of internet marketers, Shopify sellers (drop-shippers in particular) and affiliate marketers are starting to feel the impact already.

    So why is this happening?

    One the past 10-15 years tools like Shopify, Stripe, ClickFunnels, and Social Media have made it incredibly easy to build an online business and make money online everybody and their grandmother are doing it and doing it quite well.

    Back when I got started and built my first eCommerce website I didn’t have plug-and-play tools like Shopify which you guys are spoiled with today. I had to practically build the entire website and code it by hand using more primitive solutions like WordPress, manually make deals with payment processors and merchant accounts, handle support and order fulfillment by hand and etc.

    Was it hard? Yes. Did it take a lot of time and learning? Yes. But that was also the best part of it… The fact that building an online business was so hard back then meant next to nobody else was jumping on the bandwagon. We didn’t have thousands of people giving away the keys to the kingdom on YouTube and cheat codes to the game like Shopify.

    That meant with little to no effort I could drive from comparably low-quality traffic at this website and make it convert. And don’t get me started on how easy it’s become to run paid ads using Facebook, Google, and YouTube. Heck, most people still don’t know how to fully take advantage of these tools today let alone when I first started.

    So what does this all mean for you? How can you ensure your business and your endeavors to make money online not only survive but thrive coming into this next year?

    The short answer is choosing quality over quantity.

    So many internet gurus and personalities have taught you all to be dancing clowns and expects are getting ATTENTION to your business rather than actually building QUALITY PRODUCT and that’s pretty sad.

    Take me for example. At the time of recording this video, I haven't posted a single thing to my Instagram or other social media profiles in over a year. I've spent my time obsessing over building the most efficient funnel, the most effective products and the best offer I could. Not gaining cheap attention to a terrible product like everybody else. Sure, I think now that I've done that I may experiment a bit more with social media and have some fun with it this year, but my point is to focus on your product. Attention is the easy part.

    At the end of the day, there are only 3 ways to grow any business. Increasing the number of new customers coming through your funnel, increasing how much each customer spends with you and increasing the number of times they spend money with you.

    Don't over complicate it.

    In this video, I'm also going to teach you about what I like to call The Law of 5% which one of my mentors taught me and it's something that has helped my business not only avoid this digital recession we're entering into but do BETTER. We're seeing higher returns on ad spend, easier customer acquisition and most importantly a tripling of word of mouth referrals. Another thing you're missing out on if you try and sell low-quality products.

    The example I use in the video applies to Shopify / eCommerce, affiliate marketing and selling info products like courses, consulting and alike.

    Let's say you have a 5 step funnel that's generating around $100,000 a month in revenue. Focusing on increasing the effectiveness of each funnel step by just 5% will result in an additional $25,000 a month. This is from the same traffic, the same customers and the same amount of work. The power of focus is pretty incredible.

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