• The Rodin Coil Oscillator

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    The GUT Equation is modular 3², 5², 7², 11², 13², 17², 19², 23², 29², to ∞ where prime numbers are real and alive!

    Marko Rodin's
    Spirit Mapping on a Torus
    Vortex Based Mathematics
    Bahá'í Metaphysical Technology

    Two Perpendicular Worlds
    Apogee Nine is the invisible, orthogonal, spacetime, W-axis, that charts the pathway of Spirit from the unmanifest into the world of form.
    Spirit emanating is God's neurons.

    The Ancient Origins of Sacred Geometry
    Spirit's Omni-dimensional W-axis solves all civilizations' needs.
    The level of a civilization is never more advanced than it's mathematics.
    The distinct W-axis vertically alligns above the zero creating instantly all of the functions of math.

    The Perfect Algorithm/Software/Hardware Design
    The Radix-10 quantum topological computer converts primitive 2-D binary code logic gates into advanced 3-D counter-spiraling 124875 mobius circuits to achieve full AI.

    Nuclear Power is Obsolete
    Spirit can be tapped into, harnessed, and used to do real work.
    We are now living in a time when all machines are capable of running on Spirit's, non-polluting, pure motive force, reactionless-drive engine.
    The Rodin Coil Oscillator, is a low-cost space power propulsion system, turning mankind into intergalactic citizens, while completely eliminating environmental destruction forever.

    Evolution is Not Random Chance
    Palindrome 3•9•6 6•9•3 is the numerical formula for Spirit.
    There exists a Bio-Aetheric template located inside DNA's double spiral helix which guides evolution and is capable of ending all disease and growing unlimited food.
    Biomagtronics is the key to life.

    God's Archetypal Encephalogram Pattern
    The ultimate machine is the human temple.
    The brain is an antenna that transmits and receives divine guidance and illumination.
    Bio-Physical Harmonics models the All-Coherent brain waves of God.

    Proof of an Omniscient Supreme Being
    Decrypting the Most Great Name of God using Abjad reckoning fully explains all that ever was, is, and ever will be in the universe, perfectly, with no omissions.

    Prime Numbers Squared: The Creation Equation
    All higher dimensions simultaneously combine and compact into the W-axis.
    Superluminal holographic hyperspheres are composed from hyperdimensional flux.

    Senior Researcher Russell P. Blake, former Microsoft Corporation's, Performance Manager of Advanced Operating Systems, believes that Vortex Math will completely revolutionize future computer operating systems and information compression by condensing extremely complex calculations to only a few integer steps.

    According to Blake,

    "Two years ago I met Marko Rodin through a mutual acquaintance. Mr. Rodin shared some of his results with me at that time. It became clear to me that Mr. Rodin's work was a synthesis of numerical patterns which had previously been overlooked by conventional science and mathematics. In hopes of bridging the gap between Mr. Rodin's discoveries and computer science, I put forth an analytical framework in which mathematical formulae generate the numerical patterns of the Rodin Torus. These formulae suggested that the Rodin Torus lies not just on the surface of the ‘doughnut’ shape, but into the interior as well; in other words, the Rodin Torus is three dimensional.

    This mathematical formulation is as yet incomplete, and the physical meaning of these numerical phenomena remain unexplored still. Yet in my career I have several times discovered new mathematical formulations which have led to new products. In the late 1970's I discovered Atomic Modeling which revolutionized computer performance modeling, measurement, and sizing. In the early 1990's I discovered new ways to express the time-dependent behavior of program code, which led to reductions of program code size of 50% of the original size for all programs to which it was applied. I mention these facts merely to convince the reader that my intuition has a history of success in the practical application of new mathematics.

    Now I am completely convinced that the Rodin Torus will lead to revolutionary advances in art and science and usher in a new age of technology surpassing those brought on by such inventions as the steam engine, the internal combustion engine and the electric power generator.

    There are a variety of revolutionary applications possible for Rodin Coil electromagnetics since the magnetic orientation of the field is perpendicular to the field of conventional toroidal coils and requires no ferrite iron core."

    Referring to the timeless essence of Marko's work, Blake said,

    "This fantastic coherence has existed since the beginning of time but has yet to be harnessed by mankind and the potential is truly mind-boggling!"

    Mysticism Unveiled

    I am a Bahá’í

    Progressive Revelation

    The Book of Certitude
    (a must read)

    The Seven Valleys and The Four Valleys

    Bahá'í Glossary
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