• Yoganic Flow: Healing Detroit Breath by Breath

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    What does it take to heal a community? Kerrie Trahan of Detroit, Michigan, believes all it takes is breath, so she founded Yoganic Flow to bring more people from urban Detroit to the mat and teach them how to breathe.

    Founded in 2014, Yoganic Flow offers community-based yoga for Detroiters of various backgrounds, breaking down barriers for yogis, regardless of race, gender, size, age, or financial status.

    This is the story of how Yoganic Flow is helping Detroit become healthier one class at a time.

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    [00:00:34] People want to feel better, they do. They like the church and the liquor to feel better. Hence, me hoping that Yoganic Flow can provide that better in a healthy way like that better. And not to say that we better go to church. I don't want anybody from Detroit to see that and be like "What? Yoga over church!"

    [00:04:12] So in Detroit, in metro Detroit too, It's not just racially divided it's definitely divided in terms of class.

    [00:04:37] So close, these communities are right by each other, but vastly different. It's almost like they speak different languages and there's just one street in between them.

    [00:06:17] Alright. Hi everybody. Just so we can get a lot of people in here, get really close to the person next to you. Like you love them. You will soon.

    [00:08:52] Bringing yoga here was also to change the perception of yoga. If you can breathe, you can do yoga. You don't have to be anything or anyone or any size or any color to do yoga. So when we brought that here we were hoping to change that perception. And I think that we've effectively done that.

    [00:09:59] But I've always wanted to show Detroit as being something better. But then you live here and you really know people who have been killed, who are maybe doing illegal things to make a living for themselves. And you see all these you know harsh realities that the community is facing and it's like I know it's bad but there's still some light and goodness in us. Show less
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