JOE FRIENDLY'S PEACEFUL AND TOTAL REVOLUTION, with Joe Friendly, Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable Access Pioneer and Media Activist. JJOE FRIENDLY'S PEACEFUL AND TOTAL REVOLUTION, with Joe Friendly, Manhattan Neighborhood Network Cable Access Pioneer. Joe Friendly was living in Chicago in 1973 when heard about this great new thing in New York City called "Cable Television, and that if he moved Manhattan he could have is very own T.V. show on the Manhattan Neighborhood Network. As a result, Joe has recorded nearly every left-leaning speech, event or conference over the last 35 years for broadcast on his long running cable show "Truth for a Change." According to research that Joe has done that people tend to go through a surprising period of unusual weakness, confusion, and anxiety for about a two week period right before their half-birthdate, that is, about two weeks before the point six months from their birthdate. There is also to be noted a similar period of weakness and anxiety right before the birthdate. Without being aware of this birthdate effect people, and their doctors, tend to over-react to the puzzling symptoms, fearing that the sudden and inexplicable downturn in physical and/or mental.state signals some ominous deterioration of the body or mind. Often there is feared the beginnings of a nervous breakdown or other mental disorder.
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    Recorded at the www.NewWorldFair.org May 16, 2009 - THE EARTH SHIFT PROJECT AND HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED, with Dr. Robert Cassar. Come learn about the Earth Shift Project. We are an organization of adept students in the areas of Health, Wealth, Happiness, Sustainability, Ascension, and the Secrets of the Societies. Weve formed alliances with high integral groups to showcase one of the largest experimental ascension movements of our time. Weve formed "Earth Shift Products," a wholesale club to distribute products essential for optimal living. To provide excellent mineral dense foods, weve partnered with Ultimate Superfoods. Dr. Cassar is an Adept Student and a Visionary Co-Founder. He was a successful doctor of chiropractics, at one point seeing a thousand patients a week. He holds the greater vision for the Earth Shift Organization and is a key student in the larger picture of studies. For more information visit www.EarthShiftProject.com Content recorded and posted by www.LostArtsMedia.com
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    THE CONCEPT OF THE LIVING WATER AND THE LOVE FREQUENCY OF 528 HERTZ, with Dr. Leonard Horowitz. Leonard Horowitz, combines quantum physics with ancient knowledge, sacred geometry, and music to bring an exciting event for our planet. The plan is to reverberate a 'Perfect Circle of Sound™,' impacting water worldwide with the 528 hertz frequency for world peace and global healing. Dr. Horowitz is an internationally known expert in public health. His awards in alternative medicine are numerous and his books and presentations have been used in several motion pictures including: the X-Files Movie, The Constant Gardener, and the film I AM LEGEND starring Will Smith. Dr. Horowitz was named World Leading Intellectual by the World Organization for Natural Medicine. JOIN DR. LEONARD HOROWITZ ON JUNE 19 - 21st, 2009 for a Historic Summer Solstice Celebration - LIVE H2O: CONCERT FOR THE LIVING WATER!!! WWW.LIVEH2O.ORG - The mission of LIVE H2O is Peace, Health & Abundance for all. Everything is possible with LOVE, faith, and people united in prayer! This 72-hour global event is designed to bring humanity back to unity and security in the name of LOVE, by celebrating Water. There are three ways for you to participate: 1) Go to the nearest venue; 2) Create your own gathering with friends interacting using LIVEH2O.TV and this "FREE PASS" to the LIVEH2O.TV "Control Room" that links you to streaming video broadcasts from around the world; and 3) Produce your own experience by "surfing" the streaming video, singing, praying, and chanting with multitudes of warm hearts connected online. That's right! Even if you are home alone, everyone is invited to celebrate LIVE H2O, especially during the global prayer on Sunday, June 21st, at 6PM Pacific Standard Time. So mark your calendar now, and telleveryone you know to do the same. Let's co-create a "Global Baptism" during the greatest spiritual concert in history--all for the LOVE of Water! For more information on living a healthy and empowered life visit www.DrLenHorowitz.com - Video content produced by www.LostArtsMedia.com and www.GreatArchives.com - Filmed at the www.NewWorldFair.org Thanks for participating . . .
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