• More Love Required

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    Disparate mobs of those with difference,
    Though not as much as they’d like to think,
    Yell text hate to each other across the ethers.
    People who know nothing of each other
    Yet, fired by the vitriol of the imaginary tribe,
    See enemies in their brothers and sisters,
    And believe that hate is the answer.

    More love required

    Around the world, humanity in war torn destructions
    Cry out to the world, “Help us!”
    Yet no one seems to care enough,
    To do anything but wring their hands, then look the other way,
    Under a claim of compassion fatigue,
    So the killing and suffering continues unabated,
    No lessons from history here.

    More love required

    Maybe in your street, certainly in your town,
    The vulnerable, behind closed doors,
    Are cold, alone and hungry, with nowhere to turn,
    Labelled scroungers, the architects of their own despair,
    No one really seems to care,
    At least, not enough to make a difference,
    And the rich push their heads further under, chuckling.

    More love required

    Did you hear the cry of the child abused?
    No, you never did, their silence paid for in guilt,
    Only breaking surface decades later,
    When, emboldened by a cry from others,
    They shout their anguish from the rooftops,
    Far too late to make a difference,
    We take a moments pause for shock, and move on.

    More love required

    The world is a marketplace, quick, make a buck, or several million,
    A massive slice, an aspiration to be above and beyond all this,
    That most will only ever dream of, a lottery,
    Where most are losers, and the winners
    Are not the great and good, the caring and the loving,
    The inspirational, the insightful, the hero,
    Only those with filthy lucre as their goal.

    More love required

    Nature herself swoons under our never ending greed,
    Her attempts to right the destruction we’ve wrought,
    Taking homes and survival itself from many a creature,
    Still we plough on, deaf, dumb and blind when it suits,
    Our arrogant belief of superiority revealed as the reverse by our actions,
    Parasitic, self destructive, a greed of such epic proportions,
    We fail to see our own end in writ large in our actions.

    More love required

    What happened here? I could go on,
    And on, and on, stories of this nature abound the world around,
    For many the days are dark, the nights filled with silent anguish,
    The story repeated in many forms, blame flies around,
    But changes nothing. Those who remain above the surface
    Cling to their driftwood for grim death,
    Hoping it’s not their turn next.


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