• Shock Troopers - 32,714,300 (score WR)

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    Highest known score in the world on Shock Troopers (3 lives version, blood on). This narrowly eclipses my previous record of 32,703,800, which was achieved back on September 18th, 2007.

    Score breakdown by stage:

    Jungle 1 - 6,518,000 (6,518,000)
    Jungle 2 - 10,139,000 (3,621,000)
    Jungle 3 - 15,603,300 (5,464,300)
    Train - 17,302,300 (1,699,000)
    Valley 4 - 25,169,300 (7,867,000)
    Valley 5 - 29,179,800 (4,015,000)
    End - 32,714,300 (3,534,500)

    Comparing the stage scores to the previous record - Jungle 1 was a personal best for me and sets a new high water mark that is going to be hard to top in future plays. Everything came together in Jungle 1 and blue gems were plentiful. Jungle 2 and Jungle 3 were about the same in terms of pace, although in my notes I have a 4.2 million score recorded as my best split for Jungle 2 from a previous attempt, which is 600k higher than either of these two scores. Valley 4 was the killer, I had been struggling to figure out what I was doing wrong on that stage as my previous attempts for the night were losing way too many points there. I ended up getting 7.8 million on that stage which sounds impressive, but was still 300k behind what I had got on the previous WR. Valley 5 was a little less than average too. The pace was nearly identical going into the last stage, as I was 30k above the WR. Lots of points had been lost since that stellar Jungle 1, and going into the final section I expected to end up short. Instead I limped over the goal with an extra 10,500 points. Hey, it counts!

    Obviously, 33 million is absolutely possible. In theory, taking all my best recorded splits from previous attempts I had done back in 2007, even 34 million is possible but very unlikely. It would take a lot of luck for one run to come together in which I play absolutely perfectly and don't get screwed over by red gems, and more importantly, have phenomenal luck with blue gems like I seemed to have on Jungle 1. I may not be done with this yet! -- Watch live at https://www.twitch.tv/lordbbh Show less
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