• Metroid Prime 3: Corruption - The End - Planet Phaaze

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    Metroid Prime 3
    Final Episode: Planet Phaaze

    It comes to this. It ALL comes down to this.

    We enter Planet Phaaze and this is where all the collecting pays off. Once you take your first step onto the planet, expect a Phazon Overload. Vent out the tanks and then we enter permanent Hypermode. We're on a time limit so we need to make every move count. If we take too long then we're dead.

    Phaaze is a straight-forward planet but we need to take out as many enemies as possible. Make sure you latch onto some enemies and overload them with Phazon. By doing this, it drains the yellow bar giving you more time to survive. You have the Hyper Beam, Hyper Bomb, Hyper Missile and Hyper Grapple at your disposal so use them to the fullest.

    After reaching the lowest point, we encounter Dark Samus. This boss fight is long so dish out some charge blasts in order to deal damage. She'll try to heal but use a charge blast to stop her. Just dish out Charge blasts and you'll do fine.

    Once her health goes below half, she'll summon copies of herself to confuse you. That's where the X-Ray visor comes in. Use the X-Ray Visor to find the real Dark Samus and dish out pain. Make sure you go back to normal visor because she'll blind your X-Ray visor for a while. The process will repeat and you're going to have to be at your best to do this. When it does a full-power blast with the clones, go Morph Ball and use the Hyper Bomb. It'll take out the clones and do some damage to the real one. But regardless, you will have to use every skill you got to take Dark Samus down.

    Once you deal enough damage, Dark Samus will merge with the corrupted Aurora Unit 313. Now the true final battle begins but it's split into two parts.

    Part 1 is going to require you to sever its cables giving you a chance to deal damage to the Aurora Head. Once enough damage is dealt, pry open a portion of his head and then let him have it. A charge blast can drain its health down by at most half so keep this in mind. It can take a few attempts but you'll persevere but you also need to move quick.

    After you deal the first phase, then comes the 2nd part which I find it to be the easiest part of the fight. With the neck severed, a weak spot is exposed on the back of it's head. Dash behind it and then deliver the pain to him. If you deal enough damage, he'll go into a stun state and then you can literally dish out the pain. It's a pretty easy fight but other than that, it isn't really that hard. Just make sure you have the gauge low while you do this because this can do serious damage.

    With Aurora Unit 313 defeated, so is Dark Samus and with it, the end of planet Phaaze.

    I'm not going to say anything else. Enjoy the ending and with it, my playthrough of this game is FINALLY over.

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