• How Much Will It Cost?

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    http://laniganpl.com/2017/0... (Winter Park, Florida) Experienced Florida attorneys Lanigan and Lanigan provide clients with extensive knowledge and courtroom skill in business and civil litigation.

    Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan answer the number one question asked by clients: how much will it cost?

    The Lanigans will give you that answer and a clear estimate and apply an hourly rate so that you have some projections.

    The hourly rate varies by case. For example, if you have a highly complex securities losses case that's been going on for a long time vs. a Chapter 7 bankruptcy the fee structure will vary.

    For a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there will be a general cost to execute a normal, standard bankruptcy.

    But in the securities losses case, because there are many unknowns, there will be an hourly rate and a projected estimate provided to the client based on the number of hours expected to be involved.

    If you come in to have a contract written, there will be a cost based on the time it takes to write the contract. But if you have a breach of contract that requires a lawsuit, there's no way to know exactly what it will cost to resolve.

    Legal costs vary as any service does. So when the Lanigans explain that the legal cases cost as much as they’ll cost it’s because every case is different and there is NO way to know how a case will evolve or end.

    No amount of preparation, no amount of planning, knowing the law can predict how a judge and jury will respond to a case. There’s no slam dunk in legal situations.

    Any attorney who tells you that there is a sure and set fee for a case? Run from that office. You may certainly get a set hourly rate from a lawyer, but when a case begins, an estimate is the honest amount expected but it may change based on the twists and turns in the case.

    It’s like asking who’s going to win the game? Who’s going to win the fight? Well, unless the other side forfeits, or drops their gloves, you could be in for a long battle.

    If you’re wrong in a business action for something that you really did and all evidence points to that, will you negotiate and settle the case or will you fight it? Only you and your attorney working together may decide the direction and thus the costs involved.

    A lawyer cannot predict exact costs. This is why 99% of cases in Florida settle. The cost of a long legal battle in a courtroom is very expensive. The Lanigans are negotiators and mediators and in some cases the Lanigans will be able to mitigate losses. If a client has no chance in a lawsuit, the Lanigans will know and will be able to tell the client what the options are.

    Ultimately, the decision is made by the client. The Lanigans execute the case based on what a client wants to do knowing all the legal options available to them.

    Eric A. Lanigan and Roddy B. Lanigan have practiced law since 1976 and 2007, respectively. Together the Lanigans provide clients superior legal representation with a personal touch.

    Florida attorneys Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan are a father and son law firm that provide clients with extensive knowledge and courtroom skill in business and civil litigation.

    The Lanigans practice in the following areas:
    Asset Protection
    Business & Civil Litigation
    Business Reorganization
    Business Workouts
    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
    Chapter 11 Bankruptcy
    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
    Corporate Reorganization
    Mortgage Workouts
    Real Estate Litigation
    Real Estate Transactions
    Securities & Investment Losses & Fraud
    White Collar Appeals
    White Collar Criminal Defense

    If you're in the midst of a complex business, real estate, mortgage, or financial situation that needs legal direction call Lanigan and Lanigan at 407-740-7379.

    Please call to set an appointment to meet with Eric Lanigan or Roddy Lanigan and find out from experienced attorneys what your options are.

    The offices of Lanigan and Lanigan are located at 831 W. Morse Blvd., (Winter Park, Florida) 32789. Show less
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  • Straight Answers From Tough Florida Lawyers Play all

    Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan are tough and experienced attorneys who don’t back down from any legal fight.

    The Lanigans explain that while everyone says they want to sue someone, file a lawsuit, lawsuits are expensive and time consuming. It may seem that a lawsuit is inevitable, but every dispute does not result in litigation because often the right negotiation posture can mediate an issue. The Lanigans know when to litigate and when to negotiate.

    Eric and Roddy Lanigan aren’t afraid of juries, but they know what juries can do. Sometimes the best victories are won before ever having to enter a courtroom. Consult with and choose your attorney wisely. Meet with the Lanigans in Winter Park, Florida through appointment only.
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  • Florida Real Estate Lawyer Play all

    Florida real estate investors, personal and commercial property owners around the world buy land and homes, for personal, business and investment properties.

    Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan are Florida natives and have practiced Florida real estate law since 1976 and 2007, respectively.

    It's important to understand the benefits, the challenges, the laws and the fraud that you may encounter while investing and buying property in Florida's real estate market.

    One hour with a real estate lawyer can save you thousands of dollars in litigation or from buying a nightmare property with surprises and situations that could have been prevented. Have an attorney look over every real estate contract you sign.
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  • Florida Business & Civil Lawyer Play all

    Florida attorneys Roddy Lanigan & Eric Lanigan handle a range of business and civil litigation services for clients. From appeals to white collar crime, bankruptcy to immigration, real estate to probate, breach of contract to fraud the Lanigans have the skill to help clients resolve problems.

    Business litigation is the practice of law handled by attorneys in state and federal courts or through negotiation to resolve business disputes.

    Business litigation may be required where disputes arise between businesses with individuals in non-criminal cases:
    Financial disputes between partners
    An individual against a business
    Contractual issues
    Vendors providing service to companies
    Payments for goods or services
    Breach of contract
    Issues between LLC partners
    Financial disputes over business performed

    Civil litigation is the practice of law by an attorney in civil issues including relationship problems that may involve financial resolution.

    Having an experienced attorney on the side of a small business or a corporation is a strong investment in the proper management and protection of the business which can continuously prevent and resolve legal issues.

    Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L. Experienced Attorneys, Aggressive Representation with a Personal Touch. Winter Park Florida.
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  • Florida White Collar Criminal Lawyer Play all

    Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan handle white collar criminal cases and represent plaintiffs or defendants.

    White collar crime is non-violent crime which involves no guns, drugs or violence. White collar crime occurs in business, online, and person to person or person to corporation and involves intentional deception for the sole purpose of taking money illegally from another party.

    White collar crime includes extortion, embezzlement, fraud, where lying, stealing and cheating occurs allowing someone to take money illegally. White collar crime has been increasingly prosecuted across the country.

    Examples of white collar crime include money laundering, financial advisor skimming, SEC improprieties, tax fraud, investor deception, bankruptcy fraud, Ponzi schemes.

    White collar crimes may include professional deceit in business against partners, employers, employees. White collar crime may involve financial deceit, embezzlement, theft, Ponzi schemes, stocks, bonds, insurance fraud, investment fraud.

    White collar crimes generally are crimes with some aspect of criminal activity within a business environment. Insider trading, bankruptcy fraud, embezzlement, tax fraud..those types of things are white collar crimes.

    White collar is a term generally coming from the idea when people historically wore white shirts and coat and tie and they were in business somehow and may have been managers. Blue collar workers were people who wore work shirts and were generally more in the workforce.

    That’s the difference between white collar crime and other crime. White collar crime will tend to involve some aspect of business whether it be tax law, securities, fraud, embezzlement.

    If you need to consult with the Lanigans about a white collar criminal case, call the office for an appointment in the Winter Park office: 407-740-7379.
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  • Experienced Florida Attorney Eric Lanigan Play all

    Eric Lanigan of Lanigan & Lanigan in Winter Park Florida has been a superior attorney since 1976. Eric has built a law firm that provides clients aggressive representation in business & civil litigation, real estate, appellate, white collar, bankruptcy and security and investment losses law services to clients across the state of Florida.

    Lanigan and Lanigan, P.L., is a second generation law firm between partner Eric Lanigan and his son, Roddy Lanigan. The father son team has specifically remained a small family law firm that can provide the resources that 40 years of law in Florida have built.

    The Lanigans have made a commitment to providing clients with tough and honest litigation services with a personal touch.

    Eric spends 80% of his time in Florida courtrooms before judges and juries. For appeals, for trials, to fight for clients, negotiating and executing the very best possible representation for every client.

    Only Eric and Roddy handle cases...there's no handoff of your case to an associate. When you hire Eric Lanigan and or hire Roddy Lanigan, when your car pulls out of the driveway, they're getting to work on your case.

    When you get an update on your case, Eric or Roddy is providing it because they're the only attorneys at the firm who will be working on it. Shannon Bolnick is an associate and she works only on Bankruptcy cases. There too, Shannon will handle your case from start to finish.

    The Lanigans are a father and son legal team that works for you to provide the very best possible representation. You may call the offices located at 831 W. Morse Blvd., Winter Park, Florida 32789, to meet with Eric Lanigan or Roddy Lanigan: 407-740-7379
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  • Skilled Florida Attorney Roddy Lanigan Play all

    Roddy Lanigan, a partner at Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L., in Winter Park, has been a Florida litigation attorney since 2007. Roddy has spent 80% of his time in courtrooms and has handled hundreds of cases including :
    Business & Civil Litigation
    Business Workouts
    Real Estate
    Securities & Investment Losses

    Roddy attended the University of Mississippi, and received a Doctor of Jurisprudence/Juris Doctor. He attended The University of Cambridge, and received a Master of Philosophy in Economic History, Honors Degree. He also attended the University of Virginia and received a B.A. in History.

    Roddy speaks English and Spanish and works with attorneys who speak French and Portuguese. Roddy is a partner in Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L., who works with his father Eric Lanigan. The Lanigans have remained a small firm with big resources to provide clients personal attention and aggressive representation.

    You may call the Winter Park, Florida, offices located at 831 W. Morse Blvd., to make an appointment with Roddy Lanigan: 407-740-7379.
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  • Filing Bankruptcy in Florida Play all

    (Winter Park Florida) bankruptcy attorneys Eric Lanigan and Roddy Lanigan talk about the issues that people encounter while considering bankruptcy.

    Should you file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?
    Should you file Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?
    Should you file Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

    The answers to the question as to which bankruptcy you will file depends upon which you qualify for.

    If you want to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you have to pass the Florida Means Test which is based on your debt to income ratio.

    If you cannot qualify to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may file Chapter 13 bankruptcy which means that some of the debt is eliminated, but some of the debt must be repaid to debtors over a three to five year period.

    A Chapter 11 bankruptcy is for high income individuals with business debt.

    Before choosing to file bankruptcy, learn about your particular situation by speaking with an experienced bankruptcy attorney.

    Don't wait, don't guess, don't listen to friends, family and neighbors. Your finances are not like those of anyone else.

    Get the facts from a bankruptcy lawyer in a formal consultation. Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L. Experienced Attorneys, Aggressive Representation with a Personal Touch. 407-740-7379.
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  • Can You Appeal Your Case in Florida Play all

    Can you appeal your case in Florida? Attorneys Roddy Lanigan and Eric Lanigan handle appeals for clients who want to dispute the court's decision in their case.

    An appeal DOES NOT ask a Florida Court of Appeal to consider new evidence in a case. You cannot submit new witnesses or add the lost documentation to prove your case.

    An appeal is only based ONLY upon the law and how a court applied the law in a case. You're disputing the Judge's decision based on the way the law was applied to your case. But this has to be taken as a case by a higher court, a Florida Court of Appeal. And the attorney bringing the case writes an appellate brief. An appeal is not handled in the typical courtroom manner.

    A lawyer presents a carefully constructed legal brief showing how the law was incorrectly applied in a case and shows the law or laws that should have been applied.

    An appellate attorney reviews court transcriptions, the entire case documentation and reviews it looking for the place where the law was applied incorrectly. Extensive research of case law must be performed.

    The Lanigans handle only white collar appeals which is a request by a losing party in a lawsuit or case asking a higher court to review a decision made in a lower court.

    The appeal may ask a higher court to review an already decided case to have a verdict, sentence or conviction changed. But for this to occur, there has to be an error made by the lower court as decided by the higher court based on the application of the law.

    In an appeal, one of four things may happen:
    1. The decision may stand
    2. The case may be ordered to be reversed and retried by a lower court
    3. The decision may be reversed and a higher court may render decision based on review
    4. The case may be returned to lower court for reconsideration and review of an issue

    The Lanigans will review court transcripts and documents and research the case because an appeal is based solely on the law and how it was applied by the court in your case. If you feel that you have a case that is worthy of an appeal, consult with the Lanigans.

    Call the Winter Park Florida offices to set an appointment to discuss your case: 407-740-7379.
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  • Florida Immigration Lawyer Play all

    Florida Immigration Lawyer Roddy Lanigan handles every single type of immigration visa program there is from an E-visa to an L-visa. The Lanigans organize Latin American companies and have litigated for Latin American companies and set up Latin American companies. The Lanigans are multilingual speaking English, Spanish, French and Portuguese.
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  • Florida Mortgage Workouts (Mortgage Refi) Play all

    Mortgage Workouts--also known as mortgage refinances--are offered by real estate attorneys Lanigan & Lanigan, P.L.

    There's a need for financially-sound renegotiated mortgage plans but homeowners can’t figure them out alone. The answer for homeowners and Lanigan and Lanigan clients has been mortgage workouts, home refinancing that is created for banks so that mortgages can be approved.

    Your ability to complete forms, answer financial questions cannot qualify you for a loan. Work with experienced financial attorney who knows what banks are looking for.
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