• LPSlover 10th Year Anniversary Song "I Wanna Go To Willow Grove"

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    ***Please Read*** My computer has been down for months. :( The motherboard fried and the hard drive won't let me access all of my files. Which includes my music, sound effects, theme songs, and other things I need for video making. That's why Grave Matters #9 has not been uploaded. We found the disc to reinstall Sony Vegas, which was great and made this video possible. Right now my goal is to get the hard drive restored so I can continue with Grave Matters. :) Now that that's explained...

    :D :D :D 10 YEARS ON YOUTUBE :D :D :D

    August 5th, 2017 marked 10 years on YouTube for this channel. :D Can you believe it?? LPSlover is ten years old?! HOLY CORN DOGS! I felt it was appropriate to celebrate the occasion with a song brought to you by Sparky and Kandy. Ukulele played by Jae. Thank you for watching and subscribing Magical Ponies. Here's to many more happy years with all of you! :)

    If you want to brush up on your knowledge of LPSlover History check out these two links:

    LPSlover 5th Year Anniversary Video: https://www.youtube.com/wat......
    LPSlover Written History: http://lpslover.weebly.com/......


    Ooh you know where I wanna go, I wanna go to Willow Grove!
    I wanna go to Burger barn and share a burger with Aunt Harley
    and ride on a motorcycle with Avalon trailing behind.

    Oh why can’t I take a ride in Trinity’s UFO?
    And burst into tears with Valkyrie in her room… Oh James, WHY DON’T YOU LOVE ME?
    Oh I wanna go to the Willow Grove Cemetery and watch Draven bring someone back from the dead!
    Oh I wanna go and be on Kandy TV and go on all kinds of kooky adventures with them!
    I wanna go to Oregon and record lots of vlogs while Risa screams at me.
    Honestly, I don’t care who. Anybody would be super cool! Like Ivy, Valentine, Shaniqua, Willow, Mr. Hemlock, Chester, NURSE, Damien, Nova, Phoenix, Casey, Elliot--

    Kandy (Interrupting):
    IIIII wanna goooo and hang out with Sparky!
    Hey, that’s me!

    I wanna ride on a magical pony with Sparky!
    I know that’s what you were thinking of too, ladies! Yeah!

    I wanna go…….
    I wanna go to Willow Grove.
    It’s been ten years of this awesomeness, I never want it to end!

    I wanna go to Willow Grove, I wanna see what Kandy has in store for us!

    I wanna see all the series she’s mentioned that haven’t been put up.
    Just stick with us so you don’t miss a thing.
    From the Haunted House to where we are today,
    Here’s to many more happy years to come! Here’s to many more stories that we’ll tell!
    I think of all of you magical ponies and I smile.
    Thanks for watching, for subscribing, and following my YouTube Journey.
    It’s been ten years of this awesomeness, and I never want it to end!

    So meet us here in Willow Grove!
    August 5th is here, let’s party till we drop!
    It’s been ten years of this awesomeness, and we never ever want it to end!
    Oh happy day, oh happy day! let’s celebrate the magical pony way.

    Happy LPSlover day! Happy LPSlover day!
    Happy LPSlover day to all of you, yes you and you!
    To yooooooooooou!

    © Copyright LPSlover 2017 Show less
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