• How God Hand Tests Your Skill

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    "You can wax on, wax off all you like. I'm still kicking your ass."

    God Hand was an unlucky Clover game. It may have failed to win a jackpot in sales, but it still sports a killer hand...


    Mad props to https://www.youtube.com/use...... for his in-depth God Hand tutorial. This was a useful way to double-check some of the assumptions I had about the combat system. If you're into God Hand he's also worth a look for how he manages to make the game look EASY. Man's superhuman.

    Extra God Hand Notes:

    The designboi chart says "most" launch moves as technically Forearm Smash and Barrel Roll Kick work a bit differently. They always (even on DIE) launch by default, but after a stun or during a counter-hit they have a stronger launch that sends them straight across the stage until they hit something (like the contextual Air Launch Kick).
    Resistance to launches isn't the only thing that changes as the levels progress. Overall from levels 1-3 and then DIE enemies are more likely to block moves with specific properties e.g. trips or launches. I was going to put this on the chart but couldn't think of a way to communicate it clearly, and at that point I wasn't gonna put so much thought into making sure a silly gag is totally comprehensive.
    As you go up the levels enemies also maintain their blocks for less time. While this SOUNDS like an advantage for the player, it actually means you have a smaller window to notice they're blocking and act accordingly with a guard break.
    Technically in that Animation in Action Games video I did almost three years ago I was wrong about God Hand (but sort of right at the same time). Enemy attack animation speed does not change from levels 1-3, they really do just attack more often and don't wait their turn as much as on level 1. HOWEVER on level DIE attack animations do actually become faster. Then again, if you get to Level DIE in the first place you've got to have pretty fucking good reaction speeds anyway, so the faster pace still works.
    Play God Hand.

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    Time Won't Wait (Instrumental) - Jamiroquai
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