Brother vs Brother
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    Hater Comment:
    "Your fb stats are so fucking annoying, main stream rap is not easy. So what if they rap about the same stuff, it still takes skill to write. Easy to talk smack when your behind a computer huh? If you tried writing a " main stream " rap it would blow dick. Show some respect bitch."

    Call Me Mainstream Lyrics:
    "Hey fuckers, my name is Karem
    got your bitch right beside and shes loving my cream
    shes layin here really pissed cause she wanted a whipped Karem
    I threw her ass out my house and said you just been creamed
    my money makes the bitches feel alive
    stacks so high cause the cash is the drive
    I could probably climb up and give god a high five
    put he'd probably send me to hell as soon as I arrived
    cause I Live to feed eviL so get on my level
    and when I fully Lived I fully fed the deviL
    so if you wanna know the truth, for better or worse
    sometimes you just gotta read some words in reverse
    My morale is a very twisted road
    listen closely, true moral code
    morally, all other morals are wrong
    So ill share my life code and you can all rap along
    I'm the illest brown brotha fuck with me and you'll fry
    Sting me once bitch you will die
    You're a bee I'm a wasp, my sting has evolved
    ill kill your whole family with their murders unsolved
    blood on my hands but you wont see me cry
    fuck Peter Griffin and all family guys
    Shinning bullets to your dom cause that's how I roll
    redruM, redruM then I steal your soul
    you wont R.I.P I'm Brown and my mind is vast
    ill invert this bitch and go back to the past
    I'm a time terror rest and and you know whats ahead
    death , then I let the terror rest around your bed
    I got that Cartmen swag, I win again and again
    treating all theses bitches like they're Scott Tenorman
    call me Funnybot even if you think its absurd
    I'm so hilarious and deadly that it gets awkward
    Is Medusa looking at me cause I'm starting to get stoned
    cloud 9 man my lungs are getting owned
    I up Jesus one when I get this high
    cause I walk on the mass of liquid droplets moving in the sky
    everything gets so clear with my weed ammunition
    fuck Blue-ray, this is high definition
    I feel electric someone call an electrician
    I should've worked at "Atomic Energy Commission
    This fine ass bitch wanted my poll
    She was a star and a fox so she did a barrel roll
    were done she wants more, I slam the door whoosh!
    I make vagina's dirtier yet they still call me a douche
    Trick OR treat, tricks are never a treat
    last one was hell, kicked her out on the street
    she gave the worst head so she didn't get a lay
    I guess you could say she blew me away
    tricks are the same, as they display
    wishin my heart was BK so they could have it their way
    but you're not original bitch, just like the others
    ill stomp on your heart like ah Mario Brotha
    I'm the best rapper alive, sharp as a blade
    cleaning up the game like I'm a fucking rap maid
    other rappers are weak, I hear your lyrics then they fade
    like my Wii your music will never get played
    you're not hard killin 2 birds with one stone
    I've seen that shit before you're just another clone
    plus I upped the ante to make you bitches groan
    Aim the stone at the nest, whole family gets owned
    your girl wants me all she needs is a push
    i stole her bro go beat around the bush
    she thinks you're a dork, acquiesce
    she thinks I have one, coalesce
    I sneeze then hear bless you with a face of glee
    listen bitch don't push your religion on me
    trying to make me love God, like a hybrid Cupid
    you what that to happen, strip and fuck me stupid
    undercover cops puller over my car
    they knew who I was so it got bazaar
    around town they are know as the sexy 5-0s
    I think a better name would be the sexy 5-hoes
    they threw me in the back, contact increased
    like I've always said, fuck the police
    I'm a fucking monster, no area of gray
    hear that.. ( music stops ) NO! I'm so damn beast I scared the fucking beat away!" Show less
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