• How to Make a Comic Drama (Part 1)

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    Kovabomb tells all: How to make your own Comic Drama. Learn the definition of "Comic Drama" and what tools you will need to make one of your own. Learn the standard of excellence that is expected and get a glimpse at what was used to make the Sonic Comic Dramas. Part 2 will take you through the step-by-step process of Comic Drama production and reveal the techniques used to make them.

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    *"What is a Comic Drama?"*
    Put simply, a Comic Drama is a video of a comic book complete with voice, sound, and music. It uses the comic's drawn panels as the visuals and the written dialogue as the script. In truth, the concept is nothing new, but what sets a Comic Drama aside from a Motion Comic or a Fan Dub is the method of execution. It takes its cue from the classic Radio Dramas from the golden age of broadcasting, when radio ruled the airwaves. Back then, the story artists only had sound to work with. So using talented voice actors, descriptive sound effects, and compelling music they were able to set the stage of a story in the imagination of the audience. The voices were the actors on stage, the sound effects were the scenery, and the music was the lighting.

    It is to this standard that Comic Dramas are held. True, the video will include the comic book panels synchronized to the sound, but the goal is to create a complete auditory, as well as a visual, experience. You will be giving a voice to an otherwise silent medium. Your basic rule of thumb: If you can listen to only the audio, yet still clearly picture and follow the action in your mind, then you have a Comic Drama.

    *"What do you need to make a Comic Drama?"*
    Above anything else, you must have a true appreciation for story and a strong work ethic. It takes a lot of time, effort, attention, and talent to produce anything of quality and that is what a Comic Drama is meant to be: a quality experience. If you are willing and determined to finish what you start with your finest craftsmanship, and enjoy comic books, then you can make a comic drama.

    With that determination, you will need tools. Those tools will include the following:

    1) A comic book. This will be your script, your story board, and the foundation upon which you will build. It will provide the visuals that you will need for the finished product. You will need to transfer these visual into digital form via scanner. If you have access to a digital copy of the comic, that will work as well.

    2) A microphone. You will need this if you intend to create your own voices and sound effects. This should be of studio quality for the best results. When it comes to microphones, you really do get what you pay for. It is also helpful to have a pop filter, which can be as simple as a nylon sock stretched over a bent coat hanger.

    3) Image editing software. You will use this to crop and edit the images of the comic. The more powerful the better, but it can be as simple as what is available to you (even Paint will work).

    4) Sound editing software. This is the most important tool you will need. You will use it to record, edit, and mix the voices, the sound effects, and the music that will go into your project. The best would be ProTools, but there are other programs that will get the job done. (I used the shareware program called Audacity for my first projects. I was very satisfied with the results.)

    5) Video editing software. Again, the more powerful, the better. It must be able to import still images and existing audio files. It should also have access to a decent library of effects and transitions. (I used Windows Movie Maker for my first projects. Not the best, but it got the job done.) Show less
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