• A Dying Bread AMV

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    This was not the video I was intending on making as my first AMV of 2018, but when time rolled around for Nan Desu Kan, I was informed that there was a shortage of comedy entries. So to ensure the audience had slightly more content for the comedy category, I made my first straight-up comedy video. I went through a couple of different ideas before landing on this one. The song itself has a fun story behind it in that I first heard it years ago in a bar while playing pool with some friends. I am a fan of the Muppets, but never knew that they covered Bohemian Rhapsody. So, everyone in the bar was confused as hell when the song started playing on the jukebox, and by the time the "Mama" parts came on, we we're cracking up. So from thereon, my friends and I would pop a dollar in the jukebox whenever we went to play pool to troll the entire bar with the Muppets. I'd say the 2nd or 3rd time I heard the song I had some small ideas for certain lyrics, but never thought I would actually make the AMV. But I'm very glad I did. Let me give some mega kudos to all the comedy AMV editors out there, it's not easy. I found out it takes a profound and vast knowledge of anime to think of the right show for the right parts, and a lot of research to try and remember what episode a scene was actually in. I've watched a lot of anime over the years, but damn was it a venture to track down all the shows and scenes I needed. And then you have to wait and pray that what you think is funny actually lands with the audience.

    Anywho, not much else to say except I hope that anyone who watches finds at least one part that makes them smile. There's a mix of dark humor, light humor, and just plain stupidity. But I enjoyed making it and I'm glad that it makes people happy. Even if they find enjoyment in all the most wrong parts of the video. :P Show less
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    AMVs made by me, Kisanzi. Some videos are from other people's channels since my uploaded versions were taken down. Thanks to those users who are able to keep them up on their channels for everyone to watch!
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    These are my AMV iron chef videos, which are videos made in 2 hours or less for either a contest or just for fun. The challenge with making these videos, besides the time limit, is that the editor has no prior knowledge of the song and/or anime sources they will have to use until they get it right before they have to start.
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