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  • First Amendment Lawsuits Show Markell, AG Biden, AG Denn Coverup of Black Lynchings

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    Wednesday, August 5, 2015
    Caught on Tape: KingCast and Mortgage Movies See First Amendment Lawsuits Uncover how Joe Biden, Beau Biden, and Sitting AG Matt Denn Cover up Black Male Lynchings and Hate the First Amendment.

    Note: The taped phone call with Detective Hill is coming by tomorrow. Meanwhile read the bullshit response from Delaware AG Denn claiming that these black men committed suicides by hanging themselves from trees recently, during the 2012 Presidential Campaign.... It is sad to know that Joe and Beau Biden and sitting AG Denn helped cover up what any objective person can see is murder and lynching, particularly in light of the fact that I have video of one man (Henry Fordham) who got away describing the horror. Meanwhile the Dover Human Relations Commission or whatever it's called... I have the surreptitious video from those sham hearings on the matter and they show exactly why Delaware hates the First Amendment. And it's not just black folks.... ask DelCOG. But they hate us the most for sure, and in violation of procedure of every other East Coast State. More links later.

    Now then, the above flyer was found in Delaware recently during the lynching period. AMAZING video phone call with Delaware Detective coming up...... just got off taped phone call with Delaware Detective who calls me and says people in the State are freaking out after I sent that lynching email.... they want me to stop writing emails and I said well I want AG Denn to do his job and either fish or cut bait, piss or get off the pot regarding my complaint to the Civil Rights and Public Trust section regarding my Right to run video.... this is getting explosive because I have the videos of all the family members and Denn's office letter saying these deaths were all suicides.... Anyway he knows damn well I haven't threatened anyone and no one has asked me to stop writing them so they can't criminally threaten me with a goddamn thing. Delaware is a nasty and dangerous place. If you are black and living in Delaware I recommend you do everything you can to LEAVE.


    Here's the email chain from this morning:

    On Aug 05, 2015, at 06:16 AM, "Hill, Jeffrey (DSHS)" jeffrey.hill@state.de.us wrote:

    Mr. king. Could you please call me to discuss your numerous e-mails to court administrators in Delaware.

    Detective Jeff Hill

    Delaware Capitol Police

    Special Investigations Unit

    Office: 302-255-0372

    Dear Mr. Hill:

    Are you referring to the Constitutionally-protected, non-threatening emails in which I discuss, inter alia,

    a) the failure of AG Denn's Civil Rights Complaint filed with the office of Civil Rights and Public Trust to address my First Amendment Complaint;



    b) the election that was stolen from La Mar Gunn;

    c) my ongoing Constitutionally-protected First Amendment case against Betty Lou McKenna, Holly Malone and John Paradee, including the fact that my image was seen posted in the courthouse for some unknown reason just prior to my 11 June 2015 Court Hearing, and in which Judge Robert B. Young has completely lied about several aspects of law;



    d) the recent, uninvestigated lynchings.... err.... "suicides" according to Attorney Denn's office, of several black men in the Kent County area;



    e) The Biden history of ignoring key Civil Rights issues since the day I met Joe Biden back in Nashua, NH and he promised that he and Barack would take care of repeat gun criminals under 18 U.S.C. §922(g)(1) but did nothing:



    As a former law enforcement attorney myself, I look forward to the discussion, and I will telephone you shortly. I am on PST so just getting going this morning at 9:33 PST but expect to receive a call from me before 2p EST, or 11a PST. The call will be taped for quality assurance and accuracy.

    Very Truly Yours,







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