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    This video was supposed to be the official 2nd in my "Pet Peeves" playlist where I intended to go off on Public Transit...more specifically the T.T.C

    Unfortunately / fortunately the boyfriend decided to crash my video and shower me with "loving words".

    For those of you watching at home...don't worry this is how we play everyday. It's kind of like little kids, you know, the ones that really like each other because they constantly tease....only we take it that little bit farther! It's how we know we love.

    No blonds, beds, pillow, glasses of juice or boyfriends were harmed in the making of this video...just the back of my head where he hit me was! Show less
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    The randomness that is my life compiled into a collection of videos for you all to laugh at, make fun of and hopefully enjoy!

    Yes I have issues ;)
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    All of the videos that I have made while bored...please dont expect much. After all, I was bored when I made them. That and I have no talent.
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    Sex Ed 102 is a show that is informative, fun, and unabashedly frank. It delves into the many aspects of sexual wellness that are otherwise ignored or mishandled. Sex advice and product reviews dominate the show's content, all sprinkled with Kara's signature style. Kara Sutra is described as 'adorably accessible, friendly and funny'. She has become a hit with anyone sexually curious or desiring to unleash their 'inner freak'.
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