• Animal Rescue

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    Who knows more about covering pet odors than someone who owns an animal rescue shelter? This video shows you how KILZ Primer can help fix problem areas and help
    give pets a fresh start.

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    They're everywhere. In musty basements with excess humidity, in bathrooms, older kitchens with a generation of food prep, in the dogs' corner of the den, even bedrooms and living rooms; odor-carrying molecules are ever-present in our homes. And they can penetrate the dry film of paint. Priming the affected surface before painting helps block those odors, preventing them from seeping out. Additionally, the odor-sealing properties in primer help provide a barrier so odor molecules can't penetrate the new paint. KILZ MAX®—our ultimate water-based stain and odor blocker—is a great solution for medium to severe odors, including those from major smoke damage and pets.
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    Circumstances like fires, floods and persistent exposure to pets or smoke can produce severe stains. This is in addition to heavy duty, non-typical everyday wear and tear which can severely degrade and damage a surface. Tannins from certain types of wood create difficult to cover "bleeding" stains. Materials that are difficult to clean, hide or block cause other heavy stains. In worst-case scenarios, like disaster restoration projects, the job may require professionals with expert skills. Those professionals often look to the KILZ® brand for the solution. Here are some examples of medium to severe stains:

    Permanent marker
    Certain cosmetics
    Major water stains
    Stains from flood damage
    Major rust and ferrous stains
    Stains from fire damage, soot and charring
    Pet stains
    Tannin (Cedar, Redwood, etc.)
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    Using a primer to seal porous surfaces gives your paint project more even color and sheen. It evens out the surface, delivering you a professional-looking finish. If not properly sealed, porous surfaces like concrete, new wood and drywall (even flat paint) can soak up a lot of paint. Hence, priming first can save you time and money (not to mention a lot of paint).
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    Often when we repaint, we do it to change an existing color. And unlike stains, color does not leach or bleed through paint, so covering it is all that's needed. The hiding power of some paints may be limited. Using a coat of a quality primer like KILZ 2® Latex before painting—particularly if you are painting over bright or dark colors—will help produce better results, reducing the need for multiple coats of paint and allowing truer, richer color. For drastic color changes, KILZ® primer can also be tinted to help the color transition. This tinting helps reduce the number of paint topcoats.
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    Did you know you can paint almost anything if you prime first? It's true. Ordinary paint may not stick to slick, glossy surfaces. Without proper priming to provide adhesion, paint may peel, flake, crack or blister. Primers are formulated to add grip to those types of surfaces, including aluminum, vinyl, PVC, even ceramic tile and glass block. Don't forget to properly prepare the surface before you prime. This will help ensure the best possible outcome.
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    Because even light to moderate stains can penetrate paint, it is necessary to create a barrier to prevent them from bleeding through. Another term for it is leaching, particularly when it refers to an old stain. A primer can be specifically formulated to block common stains like water, ink, crayon, marker, and new wood tannin. The KILZ® brand makes water-based and oil-based primers that can seal almost any stain, blocking it completely. However, stain types and levels of severity vary, so picking a primer can be tricky. Here are some examples of light to moderate stains:

    Scuff marks
    Hand prints
    Pencil, ink pen, crayon
    Light felt marker
    Minor Water stains
    Minor Grease stains
    Minor Rust
    Light smoke and nicotine
    Pet stains
    Light Graffiti
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    Mildew is a common problem in areas with excessive moisture. Painting over mildew and mold is a temporary solution at best and not recommended. Cleaning mildew and mold off the surface then allowing it to dry completely before starting the painting process is a necessity to ensure the problem doesn't return. Selecting a Kilz primer with a mildew resistant finish, in addition to choosing the right topcoat with similar protection, will help ensure that your new finish is protected against future mildew growth.
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